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    Because "Shirtless Japanese men with oiled muscles engaging in semi-homoerotic fistfights for what they believe in simulator" was too long of a title for westerners to remember.

    All in all, one of my favorite franchises of all time 10/10

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    The Haiku of Rittenhouse

    Let us keep the peace.
    Offer aid to those in need.
    Also, shoot pedos.

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    RIP My Nissan 😥

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    Veni, vidi, vici

    Mandatory requal for the permit to carry my duty pewpew

    Killed it 🤠

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Meet the OCs (repost) · 6:33pm October 27th

I found these on my 30 gig and decided to post them again. I know I have a habit of deleting my blog posts, but I'll keep this one up since some of my readers really seem to like these two characters. Winter Lilac and Dr. Patches soon to come.

Art by the always lovely Queen Boo.

"What exactly do you think final bosses are doing to entertain themselves while they wait for the protagonist to get to them? I mean, one can only play an organ or sip wine with a menacing look on their face for so long until they get bored."

Name: Ethereal Moon
Age: 22 (In the beginning of the story) 24 (By the time the story ends)
Sex: F
Occupation: Royal adviser to King Sombra and Queen Fluttershy
Likes: Comics/Manga, Drawing, Coffee

"If you do not mind, Shantae would like to get paid. Shantae has a long night of boozing and whoring ahead of him."

Name: Shantae
Age: 36
Sex: "Yes, please." (That's why we don't ask him that.)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Likes: Booze, mares, his job

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Comments ( 4 )

Very nice. Ethereal Moon is adorable and Shantae looks badass.

I think he'd look better with a hat and cape

I originally imagined him with a minnetonka or an akubra, but I thought it would make him seem a tad too Indiana Jonesey. Especially when you consider that he uses a whip as his offhand weapon.

was thinking a vampire hunter d type of hat and cape

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