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Hopeless Detractors (Putting Down Characterization again) · 11:17pm October 6th

Yep, after careful examination, and cross-referencing over the past few days, I can confirm without a doubt, my haters are hopelessly idiotic and uncaring of facts (or even their own so-called Logic)

It won't matter HOW I write things, or how many facts stare them in the face. Like all tabloid editors, they'll do ANYTHING for their source of "entertainment" (Mocking and bullying real people) as heavily evidenced by their Motoyasu behaviors-- they read TV-Tropes, or ED, or hear some story, and assume it's an open and shut case. Like Motoyasu believes pretty women can never be wrong and will believe anything they say without considering evidence or listening to all sides of the story.

Why I caught them out saying...

"I don't read Mykan's stuff."

"I don't have to read it to know it's crap."

"I read his TV Tropes/ED. I don't need anymore proof."

If they don't read my fics, what right do they have to give an opinion, downvote my stories, my comments, comments from legit fans, harass Tara Strong and others who support and understand me better?

Especially considering they only listen to PARTS of the story (TV-Tropes, E.D, or other people) which are often extremely fabricated and twisted.

No, in the end, they're just being bigger bullies than they make me out to be. (I only bully cartoon characters, they bully real people)

Here's another example that proves me right (They don't know how to read, nor care if they even do)

Then Strings shouldn't have signed up for the concert in the first place. He signs up for a concert and then refuses to play... he is Selfish.

But Strings DIDN'T agree in the first place...

The concert was being ORGANIZED by Princess Cadance, and she had INVITED Strings to the palace to INVITE him to perform. She "INVITED" him, as in she ASKED HIM, to which... he was under no real obligation, and he had the option to Refuse, which he did.

Oh, but I know how this plays out... now my detractors will just make up some other bullshit to hate on him about which I can easily put down.

Masquerade should be locked up since he constantly stalks and harasses the girls.

Wrong again. He's not stalking them, he just happens to show up wherever they are, or the girls are looking for him. Very different.

"We have better logic than you ever will."

There is no LOGIC if you didn't read properly, or care to look at the evidence in the first place.

and still with this whole "Out of Character" bullshit.

Here's how I see it is with them, and they way they have VOICED (Written)

"Rarity would never do something like that"

(Steal someone else's dress and take the credit for it) "So, yes, she is, acting out of character."

How do you know she wouldn't do it?

-As was discussed before... ALL the ponies are capable of making horrible mistakes... readily after so-called "Learning a lesson" and nothing they do will immunize them from it.

-Just because someone HASN'T DONE IT, does not at all mean they aren't CAPABLE of it. Rarity, like any character is capable of being a thief.

-Let's not forget who this is... RARITY. And one of Rarity's most trademark character traits/flaws is... "SELFISHNESS" (She only thinks of herself) which leads to problems.

The way I see it, Rarity has will-power and judgment with the strength of a house of cards (Easily toppled over) especially when it comes to her reputation as a Seamstress and Fashion Pony, which will lead her to do VERY crazy things.

All this because she wanted to win Trenderhoof's affections. (Putting on all these ridiculous facades)

Or even on SWEET AND ELITE, Rarity was nearly willing to forgo her friendship and miss Twilight's B-day, just to commingle with high social standing ponies, which she enjoyed.

...So it's hard to believe that some-pony-- Namely RARI-TEEEEE-- would never stoop to something as dirty as thievery. She is capable, and tempt her in just the right way... she probably would (Only later to realize her shame and try to correct it)

Rarity: *Snuffs* You must be joking. Turn against my friends for the chance of a lifetime? I cannot, and will not be tempted."

Salesman: "I'll give you ten-million bits."

Rarity: *Instantly* "...I'm in."

Flash diamonds before her...

Line up a row of potential suitors...

A chance for her to become a Royal Princess...

...She'll probably fall over like a house of cards.

...So, in the matter of the dress... YES, she was tempted just right, and she couldn't resist the calling. So she lost her good judgment, and STOLE the credit.

Oh, but what the hey... my detractors will just take this and bullshit on me more, denying probabilities, facts, and even their own sayings...

While we're at it...

Here's one of their sayings that really makes me laugh about OOC...

The fact they say that Rarity is incapable of theft...

From that, I get the impression that THEIR idea of "in-character" is: Characters are not allowed to EVER posses certain traits or levels of attitude, and that they are to remain the way they are as was shown in the canon, without ANY slight means of change.

Heavily evidenced not just by Rarity, but the way my haters yak about certain traits I give Beast Boy or Davis.

To them...

Beast Boy is always supposed to be portrayed as a good-for-nothing goofball, who makes bad jokes, always gets into mischief, is often annoying, and has very few redeeming qualities.

So to them... he is not allowed to...

-Become smart in academics or other serious subjects like science.
-Have super strong athletic skills
-Take things seriously all the time
-Be broody, miserable, jerkish.
-Stand up for himself when questioned

Or in the case of Davis...

He is to be a bragging, showoff of a goofball, all the time, who leaps before he looks, and be the butt of every joke.

He's not allowed to be super smart, upset, or all those other things I listed for BB.


Maybe Davis was like that when he was 12 years old, but... don't people CHANGE a bit as they get older? Do they not develop NEW TRAITS and sometimes DROP old habits (They are not immune to them as I said, but they don't recur as often.)

People learn and see new things, that can often affect their behavior depending upon how they use it.

-In My case, maybe 12 year old Davis would LOVE to have 100 women pining for him, but Teenager/Adult Davis does not. I don't portray Davis as a Sex-Pervert, or a Sultan with a Harem. I make him not like those things.

-He needs to become book-smarter if he wishes to own a Noddle Enterprising Co. (He'll need to study marketing, which means he needs to be good with Math)

-As for being a jerk, while I can admit, sometimes that can go a bit far (And I do like seeing him be a jerk to the characters when he justifiable puts them down)

again, while his attitude may be a bit over the top... His anger is not without Justification.

-Girls keep pining for him after he tells them "Not interested"
-His mom and Kari CONSTANTLY trying to play matchmaker with him, when he keeps telling them "Cut it out"
-Kari constantly teasing him by flirting with TK and other guys just to make him jealous so she can laugh at him. (That's not being a friend, it's being a brat)
-Worst of all: Nobody listening to him when has something important to say (Namely knowing their ideas or battle strategies will be ineffective)

While he may be a jerk to beyond borders, his overall anger is not without justification...

*After HE saves the day, because Kari and TK's plan would have failed*

Davis: "Somebody could've got hurt out here today because you. You want THAT on your conscience?!"

*He scolds Kari for being such a brat to him all the time, and setting him up with girls*

Davis: "I don't think you really see me as a friend, Kari. You see me more as a lightning rod-- your personal toy to play with just to feel better about yourself.

Sometimes I even wonder. Davis has the Digi-Egg of Friendship, that means he's learned about Friendship, and as he gets older he can learn about it. Perhaps... he could even be someone for Twilight to meet and understand.

Twilight: "You're just saying that!"

Davis: "No. Trust me, kiddo. I know a lot more about friendship than you do. Just because I know about Friendship, that doesn't mean I have to be the only friend. I can't do all the work myself. The others have to play their parts too... and if they don't play them good, well... maybe they aren't really my friends after all."

...Getting off topic.

Point is... Davis can't stay and act 12 years old forever.

This is his NEW CHARACTER. It's the price you have pay for growing up and CHANGING.

Same goes for Beast Boy, or any character. What's to say they can't change as they get older, or what's to stop them from picking up a book and STARTING.

Skills, certain traits and attitudes or behavior...

No character is above or below them, it's just a matter of what you're willing to accept. What YOU WANT or DON'T WANT them to have, even if they are capable.

If that wasn't true... if my detractors would have their way, "You are making Rarity OOC"

Then why was Rarity suddenly given a sleuth trait and a solver of mysteries?

And don't tell me it's development, because as was just said... if my detractors had their way, Rarity's IN-CHARACTER, as a snobbish, vain, self-centered, posh-seeking Fashionista, should never develop a trait like this.

Or even look at Twilight and the mistakes she's made.

She's Princess of Friendship. She's learned and taught more friendship lessons of all ponies and yet...

-She went crazy on LESSON ZERO

-She attempted THIEVERY in THE MOVIE

-She wouldn't be honest with Celestia about her "Bad" acting, and lied about it.

-Worst of the Worst: She misjudged the CMC on MARKS FOR EFFORTS, didn't care for evidence, and banned them from coming near her school again. (Doesn't matter if she made up for it in the end, it doesn't absolve her)

...Now, according to my detractors, and the way THEY go for "IN-CHARACTER" Twilight should never have made such mistakes like that at all... but she DID anyway, because she is CAPABLE of making mistakes.

Oh but watch... the detractors will just twist and turn, call me retarded, and say...


To which I state...

Sorry, doesn't work that. Change is Change, good or bad. You want change, you're gonna have to DEAL with whatever that change is.

You wanted Change... you got change...

...Now here's the bill. Pay up!!

Trying to beat me up about it is foolish (you won't succeed)

Ah, but I know my detractors... it'll just be some other pathetic and lame excuse of theirs, only proving further they IGNORE the facts, don't bother to read or consider, and are only interested in causing shit.

Sure... I admit I'm like them the way I write my fanfiction. Difference is... I'm honest about it, and I'm still just torturing cartoon characters (OF ALL KINDS, not just the MLPs) and as for flaming people... I do that if attacked first. You bite me, I'll bite back.

Ah, but, I suppose it doesn't matter to them anyway.

(Waits for it)

*In advance*

Eeyup... just as I thought. In the end, my detractors are just, pitiful little dunces with an obsession to bully real people to feel better about themselves, and calling it "Better Logic"

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When people say out of character, then tend to mean, as far as canon has shown, X or Y wouldn't do X or Y. Also Rarity has more depth to her than just seamstress and fashionista, such as being a businessmare, annd evolved over the show.

As for Twilight lying to Celestia, TBF, most people would do the same. Like, especially for how close she is to Celestia, most people would be uncomfortable with telling a close friend or relative they suck at something


would be uncomfortable with telling a close friend or relative they suck at something

and they say "Honesty is the best Policy." It's also more uncomfortable to lie to them and watch them continue to make fools of themselves because you didn't speak up.

Rarity has more depth to her than just seamstress and fashionista, such as being a businessmare, and evolved over the show.

It's her ATTITUDE/BEHAVIOR I'm looking at.

Being a SUCCESS is not the equivalent of being a GOOD PERSON/PONY

True, she does at least evolve, and we DO see she is, in ways, generous. She has flaws, like any well written character. And true, honesty is the best policy, but it depends on the person. While yes, it does hurt to see them be bad at something, but one could also feel bad about hurting their feelings upright. Or if the person is prideful, they may not care.


It does not absolve them...

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