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G5 and more! · 8:41pm October 6th

Hello everypony! I thought I'd make a random blog post and go over my reaction so far to G5 and what I have plans for in the near future!

What little I have seen of G5, I have loved it. The character I am most curious about has to be Pipp. As she is a social media influencer, she has potential for lots of interesting episodes when the series comes. I hope the series is as interesting as the stories I have seen here on Fimfiction! Also, I wonder how long until someone designs a phone case like hers? That would be an interesting opportunity for Hasbro, because that sort of thing would make a fun keepsake. I know I would definitely buy it! Also an interesting project along those lines would be a theme to make apps appear like they do on Pipp's phone.

I've already written my first story about G5, even though I haven't seen the movie in its entirety. I've been trying to wait for it to trickle into places where I would usually watch it, but I might end up just going to the library and seeing if I can find it online there. For reasons that are difficult to explain, I don't have Netflix (which is somewhat irritating at times).

Edit: I've now been able to watch the movie at my local library and have loved it! Hopefully more story ideas spawn soon.

EPipp's Digital Detox
Pipp decides to do a digital detox and Zipp thinks she can't do it. They share some sisterly bonding time... without phones?
BeautifulHorse · 2.7k words  ·  27  0 · 371 views

The story was based around the idea of Pipp, the pony who loves her phone, taking a digital detox. By drawing on the feelings I experienced when I was addicted to gaming a while ago, I've tried to make Pipp's experience as realistic as possible while also not taking forever to write the story so I didn't lose interest. After a little while, the story started 'writing itself' and I was writing fun scenes not unlike how I interact with my siblings.

I originally requested some cover art for the story, but later thought better of it because I have done nearly all my own cover art. A few hours of drawing later, and I was good to go!

It doesn't take long so spot where proportions have turned out a little off, and also where something odd happened with the black outlines around Pipp. But now, I kind of like the thicker lines. What do you think? Should I keep up thicker lines, or just go with thinner ones like around Zipp?

Now I'm onto art, I'd like to announce something exciting. I have only a few weeks left of compulsory school attendance, and no exams. Thus, I will soon be stumbling onto a wealth of time to do writing, drawing and reading! My plans consist of:

  • burning through my read it later list and all the stories I have been tracking but haven't caught up on the chapters
  • Go to the library and watch My Little Pony: A New Generation
  • writing some D&D adventures original fiction for NaNoWriMo
  • Pony stories as inspiration strikes
  • Try to add to some of my many works in progress
  • My traditional end of year art requests

Also, a quick notice about my activity for the next 3-4 weeks... I'm still going to be around, but I'm going to hold off doing much until I have all my school assignments finished. That way, I'll have uncontested time to do whatever once school attendance ends. That being said, I'm going to be doing a final promotion for Pipp's Digital Detox this weekend to make one last attempt at the featured box before the 'holidays' (in which I'm working) end. Expect to see that on the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau soon!

Some of you might remember last year's requests, which was pretty much 'reply to the post and I'll do you a pencil outline'! This time around, I am planning on doing request slots, to try to make a system for when I do art commissions. I'll make a blog post with the details when I'm ready, but this year I plan to do digital or colored, pony-like requests!!! Watch this space!

In the meantime, have a link to the song I'm currently addicted to.
Maroon 5 - Memories | One Voice Children's Choir Cover

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If you are taking requests, I might put one in. I can pay you in a shout out, follow, or an art request.

Watch this space! I'm working on some requests atm, I'll open requests sometime soon. I'll let you know when I do

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