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MLP lover and writing fics for fun :)


After Pipp sees a website promoting a digital detox, she decides to have a go. Zipp is amused. Unsure of what to do without her phone, Pipp tags along with her sister on a day trip.... without phones?

Warning: I haven't watched the movie itself This story was written just before I saw the movie, having only read the story line... and read stories... and watched reviews... and seen spoilers... If there are any small inconsistencies, that's why.

Pony App name cheat sheet:
I've made up some pony app names to simplify the writing of this story. Here are the app names and their equivalent sites. Not all of them are used in the story, but I'm probably going to do something with them in the future. Feel free to use these names if you wish.
RightNow – Twitter
Glance – Instagram
Let’s Talk – Zoom/Skype
My Story – Facebook/blog
VideoTime – YouTube/streaming
Speak – Voice operated dictation app and phone ‘command system’ with a word processor
SMS, Mail, Local Files, Clock, Gallery, Camera, Calculator, Cloud, Calendar, Contacts, Card Wallet, Settings, Digital ID, Notes
PegaNet (now out of fashion) and PonyNet
Princess Pipp (www.princesspipp.com, not an actual link) a bookmarked web blog
Marketplace - Etsy/ebay/amazon

Also, an Invisible Band is the equivalent of a pony smartwatch which is 'invisible' because it is hidden under the pony's coat hair.

Behind the scenes + my thoughts on G5

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Set sometime in Season 9.

Raven is given the night off during the Grand Galloping Gala so she can network in preparation for her future. Or escape the Gala. Somehow, she choses both options, and makes an unexpected friend.

Written for the May Pairing Contest 2021.

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Celestia has noticed that Luna has an abundance of time dedicated to well-meaning revenge pranks and decides to track down her sister and help her be seen as a regular part of society.

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Following Princess Twilight's ascension to the throne, the military's standards are upped all over Equestria. The Wonderbolts are part of the military, despite the fact that their involvement in military operations has waned over the centuries. Getting out combat uniforms is something new for Rainbow Dash.

Set after the events of The Ending of the End.
Edit: I just realized that I initially said this was set after the events of The Last Problem... Sorry if that made any confusion

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Following the death of her mother, Rainbow Dash is devastated. How did it happen? And how can she ease her pain? Can she come to terms with what happened, or is it too late?

Alternate Universe where Rainbow Dash's mother is an earth pony.

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Princess Celestia has declared a royal tea day, and if she enjoys it she will make it an annual occurrence. Coincidentally, Rarity has come to Canterlot to attend to matters at her boutique, and she has brought the CMCs with her so they can try to earn their cutie marks in Canterlot. After hearing about the tea day, they decide that today they are going to be Cutie Mark Crusader Tea Makers!

Set before Crusaders of the Lost Mark.


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Short little ideas which never quite grew enough to be on their own. Stress writing, fun, big ideas which were betrayed by the word count, otherwise abandoned ideas... etc. Individual story tags below.

The Unexpected and Oddly Adventurous Rarity - [Drama] [Slice of Life] [Rarity]
Alternate Ponysona: Twilight Velvet - [Slice of Life] [Adventure] [Twilight Velvet]
Pony vs Tablet - [Slice of Life] [Twilight Sparkle]
Fun! - [Random] [Comedy] [Pinkie Pie]
A Dream of Equality - [Slice of Life] [Kinda Dark] [Flashfic] [Starlight Glimmer]
Just a Moment - [Slice of Life] [Scootaloo]
Reparations... or Lessons? - [Slice of Life] [Discord] [Twilight Sparkle]
Move to Music - [Slice of Life] [Sweetie Belle]
Pinkie Pie Writes her Autobiography - [Slice of Life] [Random] [Pinkie Pie]
Electricity - [Thriller] [Flashfic] [Doctor Whooves]
Poetic Justice (poem) - [Slice of Life] [Flashfic] [Zecora]
It was just a joke... - [Sad] [Original Character]
How long can it take? - [Comedy] [Flashfic] [Rarity]

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Coral, injured Royal Guard, has decided to enter a writing competition. It doesn't look that hard. After all, she's surrounded by inspiration, right?

Let me know if I should write more about the adventures of Coral :twilightsmile:

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Tempest has been invited to stay at Twilight's castle after several months of not very much under heavy watch in Canterlot. Keen on the idea of getting out, she accepts. The one problem: After invading, and then spending quite a bit of time away from society, everypony is a bit anxious about her presence. Challenge accepted! Time to reintegrate.

15/6/2020: Reworked in order to continue the story!

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