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We spread the ashes of dad today · 7:05pm October 2nd

Some good if personal stuff behind the cut, I wanted to save for posterity while the taught are fresh in my mind.

Not your thing or just not feeling like it? Have a great rest of the weekend. :twilightsmile:

Was... kinda tough, must admit, but a good kind of thought. Really felt like a fog I'd barely noticed lifted as... well, now it's basically over at least. Hadn't even noticed how much it weighed on me that he hadn't been buried yet, but... well, The Plague kinda got in the way for a few extra months. Shit happens, then you die, as the saying goes. (Pardon the gallows' humor.)

Very low key affair. Two hour car ride, meet & greet with almost whole close family minus some currently sick, spread the ashes under the oak trees he and his sisters planted as kids as he wanted, a really nice if light dinner at the cabin plus some talking, and about half a day later, another two hour car ride plus some quick food shopping. Left at 10:00, home at just short of 21:00. That sort of day.

Think it would have been the sort of day he'd have enjoyed, in his own way. And that... well, felt really good if a bit weird to realize. A weird, quiet & oddly mundane tribute, but... well, he was a weird, quiet & oddly mundane man, so it honestly felt kinda... Nice if lightly disturbingly well fitting, if you get what I mean? Not sure how to describe it, even in Swedish, so you'll have to pardon me for trying. Really odd feeling, but a nice & relieved if slightly sad one, that realization.

So... yeah. Again, pretty pooped, but a good, something important had to be done and we did it, type pooped.

Not looking for grand oodles of sympathy or anything. Just felt like an important day to doodle down in the proverbial records while I remember it, you know?

Hope the rest of you had a good Saturday. And thanks for reading for those of you that did. :twilightsmile:

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I'm happy for you man, glad you're doing better.

Glad you could honor someone who made a quiet mark on lives that were close.

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