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Knights of Harmony past revealed · 5:39pm September 30th

In a three page reveal we found out what happened with the Knights of Harmony long ago. True much like the mane six they too wanted to spread harmony to the other lands building those temples. They learned of a sixth one located in the land that would be known as Equestria. When they arrived they saw it was ruled by Discord and his madness. He tried to turn them on each other but failed. So he disappeared, and the knights discovered he went to the other lands and turned those entrusted with the elements on each other, and they abused the power. The Knights knew they had given too much power to the inexperienced, and decided they need to become the Knights of Order. They could not destroy the elements, so they hid them and the temples away.

So this is all happened because of Past Discord's trickery that led the Knights to sealing the temples and their elements away and now they want to do it again fearing the present day Equestrians and others would abuse the power and use it against others.

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Discord's actions once again bite him in the tail. Plus, these guys are sorta like MCU Thanos in a sense.

Wow. Now that is a great discovery of the past of the Knights of Harmony, amazing.

Wow that was…. unexpected.

Damnit Discord. First Cosmos, then the Terrible Trio, and now these guys. Who else did you pissed off and neglect to tell Twilight and the others about?


When will Discord FINALLY get his karmic punishment for once???!!!

Man Discord seriously messed up too much in the past🙄

Next thing you know he managed to piss of Grogar himself

By this point, it wouldn't surprise me.

He was a spirit of chaos who was too carefree, what did you expect?

Personally, I found the reason behind the Knights of Harmony’s intentions to not only be ridiculous...but confusing. Mainly because it doesn’t answer the question as to why they openly contradicted their own elements in the first place.

Who’re the Knights of Harmony?:rainbowhuh:

Just imagine what would happen if these guys got their hands on the Infinity Stones…

Whatever they’d use the stones for would probably be for an absolutely idiotic scheme, mainly considering their lack of intelligence.

now they want to do it again fearing the present day Equestrians and others would abuse the power and use it against others.

There is just TWO HUGE PLOTHOLES that will just derail their idiotic plans to tiny pieces.

1. Didn't they learn of the Mane Six's ( Along with the Pillars, Young Six, and the other creatures own main six ) exports from the many past years of protecting/saving Equestria?

Stopping evildoers and villains?

And EVEN REFORM some villains to the side of good, and have them learn friendship and harmony to the likes of Discord, certain unicorns, and others??!!

Or that they DIDN'T abuse the Elements powers for "evil". And correctly use them for good??!!

Seriously????? Either these "Knights of Harmony" are living under a FRICKIN ROCK!!!

Or that they can't read Equestria's newspapers or something like that to learn about the Mane Six's exports ( Along with the Pillars/Young Six, and the other creatures own versions of their elements of harmony ) as the literal HEROES of Equestria and other kingdoms?????!!!!!


Now that I think about it? Wouldn't it be embarrassing that while the "knights of harmony" FAILED to stop Discord in the past. But, while the Mane Six were also tricked by his lying schemes as well.

But in the end, they managed to not only save eachother and beat Discord's manipulating trials, they actually DEFEATED him, and even somehow reformed him to teach him about friendship/harmony of all things!!!!

Something, that these "knights of harmony" DIDN'T do the same thing from before??

The Mane Six ( And possibly the Young Six, and the other creature's main six ) SHOULD be the ones being the new and improved Knights of Harmony.

Not these old COWARDS and HYPOCRITES that DIDN'T even try to stop or help a Spirit of Chaos of learning Friendship/Harmony in the down first place!

Shame on them!!!!!


And finally, here is the second reason.

These 'Knights of Harmony" are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in MLP!!!!!

Why? Well, they think and act that they are the "good guys" here? And thought that the Mane Six, Young Six, the Pillars, and the other creature's Main Six are the "villains" here? Just because they might "abuse" the Elements and the Tree's powers for selfish reasons???!!!

Okay, knights! NAME ONE event where the Mane Six/Young Six/The Pillars, or any other creature's own Main Six, intentionally use the elements/tree for something "evil" for the entire series? NONE!!

And seeing them in action so far. The "Knights of Harmony" are actually the ones with malicious, selfish, and EVIL intent the whole time!!!

My thoughts are that the thought didn't occur to them and having heard that the Mane 6 did something that would've been considered impossible stirred up a massive explosion of jealousy from the Knights of Harmony, which leads to their villainous actions as a way to usurp the status as the Guardians of Friendship.

Oh yes. The multiverse would be seriously boned.


And this is a good reason that they are the villains here. And they don't deserve to be called "Knights of Harmony" for their unforgivable actions.


Luckily, it can't even happened. Because the stones ONLY works in their original and respective universe.

And even then, they aren't strong enough, or mental enough to use them. Thus, they will just hilariously exploded by the power stone's overwhelming power.

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