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Can We Pretend that Airplanes in the Night Sky... Actually Can We Not? · 11:45am August 9th

I can't blame anyone but myself for missing hella deadlines lately.* But all the MordeTwi memes are making me feel self conscious about writing melodramatic talking animal love. It's not helping my little Legoshi/Loona thing on the side either.

WTF. I fear only God. Why does this bother me.

The memes aren't even necessarily mean. Especially not the ones that just put a lot of effort into drawing Twilight and Mordecai crying. And what is fanfic about, if not making canon characters cry?


But my Luna/Starswirl thing for the rarepair contest is pretty interesting, I just let moving-the-lawn-doing-the-dishes level stuff get in the way. Grumble, grumble. I've probably got decades of life left. Gonna finish it eventually. I'm gonna finish lots of stuff .Some of what I have planned, anyway.

*I did finish the first draft of my third original novel recently, humblebrag. And I swear to God I'm going to shop it around/publish it this time instead of throwing up my hooves during the editing process like with the last two. But no one is going to see that for months/years at best.

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Author Interviewer

The weird thing is... like, this was a Thing a good five years ago, and now suddenly it's come back? As though no one remembers it having been there in the first place? <.< What gives?


<.< What gives?

In a word, TikTok.


Haha! :D


Lo, springs forth again from the fertile mycelium of the collective pop culture unconscious like a bloom of strange, hallucinogenic mushrooms.


Tik Tok. That explains it. :facehoof:

Hatas gonna hate. Just do it. For old cart's sake.

Who’s the artist for this, may I ask?

Heir of Rick. Source link is included in my earlier post.

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