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Aspiring novelist testing his characters in the MLP verse.

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Scorching Solutions · 4:42pm July 30th

Hello again,

So, in one of my previous blogs 'Balancing Power and Likability,' I expressed worry for my character Blazy Blue, who boasts incredible power and strength that made me worried she was too powerful for the characters in the fantasy novel I've been working on.

But now, I believe I've found a solution.

In a sequel series to 'Of Scales and Fur' I've been planning (known as 'the Knights of Drake'), I have five young dragons who try to be superheroes. One of these 'Knights of Drake,' the smart guy of the group is a fire dragon who was born a runt. And since he couldn't be as strong as his more warrior brethren, he learned how to be smarter. Sort of like Samwell Tarly or Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, but... y'know, with more dragons instead of humans.

However, I'm wondering if Blazy should become this runty smart guy. Why? Well... in my writing for 'Of Scales and Fur,' I ended up writing a scene where Blazy fights Kodo (Shiva's son). And in their fight, Kodo goes full Tirek, draining Blazy of her power and leaving her a shriveled up runt of a dragon. Exactly what I need for the smart guy of the Knights of Drake.

And while the original smart guy was born runty, I feel that there's more chance for development and intrigue if Blazy has to struggle with being a runt after living it up as one of the alpha dogs. She has to learn to be smarter instead of stronger, and it could help her gain a new lease on life as she gets support from the other knights and even begins to question her loyalty to Luco.

Adding to that, since others already know Blazy, not just from these fanfictions but also from the 'Of Scales and Fur' series, it will hopefully help ingratiate the Knights of Drake with anyone who's already reading my stuff.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in 'The Knights of Drake' if you knew Blazy was with them? And would you be interested in a story where Blazy lost her power and had to find another way to fight until she got it back?

Please let me know, and as always, thank you for reading.

Comments ( 7 )

Is this going to be one of your new stories man?


I've been working on sequels for 'Of Scales and Fur,' which is an adaptation from my story 'Howlite Howler.' And I've been trying to make a story that involves the Knights of Drake, though... I've been having a lot of trouble with figuring out how to work the characters of MLP in with my own characters.

I liked the idea of Spike meeting my Knights somehow, but I wasn't sure if I should have them be Displaced, or if Spike should go to their world, or if they should just be like the dragons already in Equestria... :ajsleepy: :facehoof: It's been tough to figure out, and some stuff going on IRL hasn't been helping either.

Its alright man, You'll get to that really soon. Just have to work out some ideas is all. I've really been enjoying your story of Howlite Howler! I've already finished reading the first story and now I'm gonna be on Chapter 5 of "Howlite Howler Trust Denied". I love your character Shiva, Luke and the other Diamond Dogs when you reply to roleplay scenarios from Ragnarok17 in the group Friendship is Awesomeness but seeing her past with her master and after everything she's been through just made me love her even more, especially her relationship with Spike as her little brother type buddy. Its been a fun, fast paced action packed and thrilling adventure and I especially love how to reforms the Diamond Dogs and their system with overthrowing the previous pack leader. I also love Skippy and all of these other fun side characters. To see how Diamond Dogs live in a society.

I say go ahead! It'll give a lot more character development for Blazy.

Thank you very much for your support.

I'm glad you're enjoying Shiva's story in Equestria, and I look forward to sharing more of her adventures and the adventures of other characters I got, whether that's through fanfictions, roleplay scenarios or original stories I'm cooking up.

Thank you kindly. :pinkiehappy: 👍

The only thought that I could add to the conversation is not...pull a reversel of consiquence....say once the character has learned to be smarter? Like keep consquences and maybe...not given them a choice to go back? Maybe? Societal commentary if thats your jam?

Otherwise with all the thought's put into this aka great author material. I am very excited to read these novel's.

Ps. I hope life stuff goes well for you, dude.

Pps. I am thrilled your thinking about putting Spike analog into your novel. Because Spikes awesome...also it could even hint a larger universe? Ala...your wolf stuff playing with your dragons stuff?

That could then play into when he goes into the other world.

Oh! And I had idea...what there is a little drama that could lead into something big...if say Not-Spike exist's not a world of dragons. But a world of wolves as some of the few more intelligent dragons, maybe? Like you can then play with the idea of whose...better?

Perhaps...instead a weird genetic intelligent thing? You could go a cultural thing? Then you could inject a background into your wolf story...by hinting into it in your first series?

( I am thinking planet of the apes vibe a little. Kubo and Ceasar?]



The only thought that I could add to the conversation is not...pull a reversel of consequence

I kind of like that idea; like once Blazy loses her power, she loses it for good, and has to permanently rely on being smarter?

Yeah, I kinda like that. I don't want to spoil anything, but Blazy does something in the later books that really sends Kodo on a warpath after her, so the idea of him permanently disabling her feels right up his alley.

I am thrilled your thinking about putting Spike analog into your novel.

Well...:twilightsheepish: I can't exactly put Spike himself into my original novels, since he's a Hasbro character and that'd be copyright infringement. But I do like the idea of a fanfiction where he gets to meet the Knights. They were originally crafted to be his version of the Mane Six, with Spike being the leader like Twilight is and each of the five being foils to the rest of the Mane Five (Wing's like Pinkie Pie, Swift's like Rarity, Jackknife's like Rainbow Dash, Sunstone's like Applejack, and Blazy, after being depowered, would be like Fluttershy)

( I am thinking planet of the apes vibe a little. Kubo and Ceasar?]

:rainbowlaugh: Ceasar actually was an inspiration for Shiva. And Koba was sort of where I got the name 'Kodo' from.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. Cheers to you as well. :twilightsmile: 👍

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