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On a somewhat-related note to the blog about stringing together every story I've posted here in Crew-T: · 8:45am July 28th

I've started on a Tonkus-verse story. :raritywink:

It's fully original-fiction, so unfortunately it can't be posted here on Fimfiction, but I'm using the experience I've gained across the seven years I've been writing, counting the time before I made my account here on Fimfic.

The main point I have in making it is that I've been feeling like revisiting some old characters and concepts (I'm talking the original Wielder of the Orb that I wrote in middle school before joining the site) that I'd left abandoned for the past several years. I wanted to finally give those old ideas some time in the sun, even after joking time and time again that they're long-since dead and gone.

Idunno. I've just been feeling a bit nostalgic for my oldest works, I guess.

But anyway, Wielder of the Orb as a story is not being rebooted. I already have that fic here on Fimfiction, thrice-written and currently on hiatus.

This story is completely separate from anything I've ever written, but has a main cast made up entirely of existing characters that I've made over the years; Sammy, Brodie, Caleb, Zoey, and Lisa from my Wielder of the Orb days, Samantha from Pony-Me, and Emily from Splintershard.

The main focus will be on those first five characters, with Sammy and Brodie being updated with more... I guess "polished", for a lack of a better term, character traits for the first time since pretty much when they were originally made. For the most part, the most "recent" incarnations of each character are what this fic bases its own takes on them on, albeit with some tweaks made to accommodate for its new story universe.

But enough about the characters.

The story itself still doesn't have a name yet on account of me deciding to start on it literally two days ago, but I know that it's going to be a sci-fi/fantasy story, with some emphasis along the way on the many past incarnations of some of my most heavily-recycled characters. Yes, that makes it a meta-fic to an extent.

There's gonna be some comedy along the way 'cause I at this point pretty much own the identity of "internet funnyman", but it's not gonna be the focus. I'm aiming for more of a Pony-Me/Splintershard level of balance.

Anyway, that's about it for my 2:45 AM sleep-deprived blog about the 640 words I've written tonight.

Probably will be posting it on Offprint or something when the time comes.

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'cause I at this point pretty much own the identity of "internet funnyman"

Wait, but I thought that was Alpharad? (He’s a YouTuber who’s had that title for years now)

i am the funnyman of horsewords then

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