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  • Wednesday
    Spring Time. - Eletric Boogaloo the birthday

    It's been 5 years since I'm here, and I always love to say I love Spring time, because it's the time is my birthday. I want to thank all my friends which support me even on my awful days and laughed with me in my best days. I loved all the stories I made over this year, and all the friends I have made. I thank you all for the good time I've had on this site.

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  • 2 weeks
    7th of September.

    Hello Everyone, I want to wish to everyone happy 7th of September. Independence of Brazil.

    When in 1822 was made by D. Peter the first looked at all the Portugueses and with all his might shouted prior the battle: INDEPENDENCE OR DEATH.

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  • 5 weeks
    It's almost over.

    Thank you guys for enjoying the fiction Anidate me Please. I really mean it guys. Because there was times I really wanted to give up on writing it. But after looking so many times that the ship I enjoy is really needing a few more fictions. I didn't give up, and receiving compliments from the guys, it made me continue writing it. And I think this fiction is just 2 or 3 chapters to finally finish

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  • 6 weeks

    Today, is something I wouldn't have noticed if wasn't for a follower who sent me a message. As I was reading I was chuckling on how long I created one of my first stories which I was so happy to write.

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  • 8 weeks
    Cover Art Andante Path of the dreams

    I'm glad many people started reading and enjoying my newest fiction and I want to talk you all for your support. I passed all the week drawing and painting this new cover art. I hope you all enjoy it the same way as I did writing.

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My little Sirens... The pillar shipping competition · 3:20pm July 10th

Hello everybody and everypony... I'm here to tell you all that I wanted to make a side story which will be part of the contest of the pillars of harmony shipping... Which this means... Aria, Adagio and Sonata soon will meet their mommy...

This will be many interesting plot I will add maybe into 10 or more chapters... However I want to know your opinion... Who between the pillars of harmony or the founders of Equestria should fit so well to be mom of the 3 little troublemakers as the sirens...

Any suggestion would be accepted, however you must give your reason of why, but I want to know the reason of more character than appearence to fit. I mean... Mistmane cannot be accepted because she is beautiful on the inside and she isn't the example of what the dazzlings became in the future, she isn't someone who can tease and manipule the others or even prank the others the way the dazzlings will be, she would be a great aunt but a mother I don't think so...

What I want is someone who give examples to the dazzlings on how they work and how they behave themselves. Someone who can make Starswirl crazy from both making his mind get upside down in love and in troublesome, someone who he can count while he is away, or someone who can trust more than himself...

Any idea is accepted... unless princess platinum, Starswirl hates her from the deeps of his heart, and every time someone would tease him with that would wake up in Yakstan... I'm not joking about it....

Anyway, soon the new chapter of my little sirens will be out. And I can't wait to see you all reading. Keep rocking. XD

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Comments ( 8 )

Ohhh that's a pretty interesting one it's either somnambula or Mage Meadowbrook although I would say somnambula given her character in the comic end from the show she's a pretty fun Pony to hang out with and how much she really cares for her friends and the ponies so maybe her

Could be Mage Meadowbrook since she earned that title even as an earth pony. She also made her famous 7 enchanted items. So, definitely got the magical smarts there. We know she has canon descendants though, so if you weren't planning on Starswirl having a biological child that'd throw a wrench into the idea.

I loved the interaction of somnambula and the prince, I can imagine many chapters of interaction... And I have to say... She is a fusion of Sonata and Fluttershy...
She is indeed an interesting pony, I can see her as that...

Unless... wait... if I do something to the descendent like I did with Star Swirl parents, maybe I can make some a good plot and even more good interactions... Yeah, maybe it could work...

Okay, Now I'm between both somnambula or Mage Meadowbrook. Because while Somnambula she has hope, she is far too optimist different from the dazzlings when they became so sad and so angry that they couldn't find a way after such big defeat...
Meadowbrook can be a good option, since she takes more part of the magic and it could help to raise the girls, but I have to find a way to create a good interaction between the girls and the descendants...

It's difficult to decide. XD

I mean those two are pretty awesome choices but like you said if you're going to go for like drama or something how the dazzlers going through I guess you can go with Mage Meadowbrook I mean I'm sure she dealt with heartaches before if I remember correctly I mean she is a Healer and I'm sure she seems pretty dark stuff

Well, one thing that could happen is Meadowbrook having one or more children from a previous relationship/marriage. Which would make those characters step-siblings to the Dazzlings.

hmm... that would be interesting. But I have one idea, they need a legacy while both of them disappeared... And the dazzlings would be sure that the first one would actually be with the grandparents... since it would it would be the last of them remaining in Equestria after what happened.

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