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My Little Pony Movie News 06/30/2021 · 5:54pm Jun 30th, 2021

Wow, that has got to be one of the most colorful title screens these ponies put together.

What does that make us? Chopped liver?


GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Occasional Singer keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 movie and beyond! Am I one of the few people who are starting to predict the future or something (Not to totally take credit away from more established FimFic users). But for the past few weeks we've been begging and begging and begging for big news from the movie like a 'teaser' of sorts... but who'd have imagined we'd suddenly get a huge cast line-up at the same time? That's right faithful readers, we not only have confirmation that the movie IS coming out this September to Netflix, but we also have our cast announcement followed by a few sneaky peeks of what's to come from the movie.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to see some of the scenes they have in mind for the upcoming movie, do NOT click this link. You have been warned...

MLP New Generation Preview

Now that being said, I'm sure everybody and their mother is just waiting to hear who's going to be starring in the upcoming MLP movie...

Which is pretty much the whole town...

With no further delay, let's run down the names through this our handy-dandy... poster:

If they don't get name credits unlike the 'Space Jam' movies, start grabbing your torches and pitchforks.

To kick things off we have Sunny Starscout performed by Vanessa Hudgens...

We're soarin...


Wow this kid had some serious brain damage growing up...

OH, SHUT UP!!! *Clears throat* Anyways, we all remember Hudgens for her rise to fame portraying Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series, which brought her significant mainstream success (And why I actually remember watching the movies growing up). Aside from all the other movies, she's released her own studio albums, had several roles on Broadway and even having a few live musical production roles in Grease: Live and Rent: Live (Spoiler alert: DON'T watch the last one...). To me I feel Hudgens is the right choice to portray Sunny, she has a bit of that feisty element when she's not the shy girl, she has one of the most incredible vocals I've heard... and this movie supports my theory that her character's Dad might pass away because her own father... died of... cancer... five years ago...


*Clears throat* Moving on...

Portraying the role of Izzy Moonbow is the hilarious and talented Kimiko Glenn...


I can still hear her voice... anyways, some of you may remember Glenn for her performance as Brook Soso in Orange is the New Black But she's also had experience in voice other characters like Ezor in Voltron: Legendary Defender, Lena Sabrewing in Ducktales, Peni Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Stefani Stilton in Bojack Horseman, and even Bridgette Yoshida in Close Enough. She can be quirky, she can be serious, she can be a badass... and I'm willing to bet she only adds to making Izzy an instant favorite.

On the men's side of the team... considering it's our 'only' guy in the Mane Five... we have James Marsden portraying the role of Hitch Trailblazer:

You may now cheer!

Or not...

Anyways, James Marsden has been known throughout the film industry for his many roles. On the family-friendly side you may remember him from such films as Enchanted, Hop, and, I know what you're thinking, even Sonic the Hedgehog which only came out last year. There are tons of other features he's been part of over the years, several of which he's still working on right now, and to give credit he is a very entertaining guy and we can see why plenty of fans like him. Hopefully the fact he can be a bit of a heart-throb keeps certain bronies from thinking this dude is a ship-stealer.

Just say the word... we'll make it quick...

Right... anyways back to the ladies we have Fort Lauderdale's own Sofia Caron portraying the role of Princess Pipp Petals...

Yeah... I can see it when I really think about it...

Now when we hear the name 'Sofia Carson' what's the first thing we think of?

I know... I know... but aside from the Descendants movies, she has been featured in several other films and has released her debut single 'Love is the Name' some five years ago. I'll admit I'm not the biggest Sofia Carson fan but I do respect the fact she's got insane talent. I will admit I was thinking of someone quirkier to portray the Princess like Ariana Grande for one just to name an example, but I'm sure Caron will pull it off just fine.

The last name amongst the Mane Five, set to portray Pipp's sister Zipp Storm, is none other than Vine/YouTube star Liza Koshy.

Okay, well this day just got a whole lot more interesting.

Interesting indeed. While we can't say she's starred in a ton of movies (Though she was a Nickelodeon game show host), what makes Koshy stand out is being a YouTube icon who's channel amassed more than 17 million subscribers. Heck her two channels overall total more than 3 billion combined views. So if that doesn't draw that many fans to come see this movie, something is definitely wrong with people. From humble beginnings on Vine back in 2013, she's a four time Streamy award winner, four Teen Choice Awards winner, and won the Kids' Choice award at least once. Not to mention being included in the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment list and Time 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet (As well as its 2019 100 Next List). Since we're pretty much dealing with a modern day story involving the paranoia and mistrust amongst ponies, considering how most of our lives are in turmoil through social media, this is definitely something Koshy can relate with her character. And for those who 'have' seen her work (Which I'll admit I haven't lately), this movie could either be the biggest jumpstart of her otherwise successful career... or be her plummet (Depending on how well the movie turns out).

Do you ever say 'anything' encouraging?

Rounding out our cast we have an amazing selection of other actors taking part in this movie, as well as the confirmed names of additional characters who will be in the movie. But since we don't know most of these characters and because this blog is long enough already, let's just narrow it down as briefly as possible:

Elizabeth Perkisn as Phyllis...

I now pronounce you mare and...

NOOOO!!! Not that Phyllis!!!

*Clears throat* Jane Krakowski as 'Totally Not A Villain' Queen Haven... Phil LaMarr as Alphabittle...


*Chuckles nervously* Michael McKean as Argyle (Whom is like Sunny's 'totally not going to die' papa) and last, but certainly not least... Ken Jeong as Sprout...

I'm ready for my close-up, boys...

Oh sure, he gets the close-up image first... then again, we do know that Ken Jeong is a give and take (You either think he's funny or you don't). More information about these characters will soon come out as soon as additional word pops up. But for the time being, given how these names are familiar to most of us there is no doubt we are having some ideas as to what kind of characters we can expect. But the BIGGER question still remains:

What do YOU think?

Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... SIGNING OFF!!!

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G5 HYPE:yay:

Btw thx for the fav on my EqG S3 story

Oh yes... and I bet it's only going to get bigger now that we know who's who and what we can expect from the recent release of new scenes.

As for the story, I found it rather intriguing. I thought I give it a read and I was like, 'Yep! I can totally see this as animated productions.' Which makes me look forward to if there are more stories or if that's generally it.


I’m planning out 51 episodes and two specials

The third and last special is based from the original idea from the show creator

Not sure what I'll do after all these blogs, the movie actually comes out, and I give my thoughts about it overall. But since we are getting a Netflix series release (Whether these guys remain for the series or not), this might inspire me to actually do something on this site aside from blogging and editing for other people.

...Izzy's character is voiced by the same person who voiced Lena...

...I think she might be my new favorite (depends on if she ends up sounding like Lena but still)

I loved Lena's character too. But definitely Lena was definitely more laid back than how they are likely doing with Izzy. But who knows? When Izzy's not being too happy-go-lucky with her head in the clouds perhaps she just might have a serious side.

True. It's possible she has two different sides of her personality, serious and a little ditzy like she's been portrayed so far.

Until we know more, Zipp still seems pretty cool

That would actually be quite a twist when it comes to Izzy. We'll have to wait till the movie comes out because I suspect they'll mostly advertise her ditzy nature.

As for Zipp... she definitely screams cool girl. She's supposed to be the rebellious one of the sisters, so I'm curious to see what extent we're talking about.


As for that Queen Haven... I wonder...the twin's mother or evil temptress of another land?

Glad to finally have a release date!

Has a decently stacked cast. Here’s hoping it can measure up to FiM given enough time.

I'm hearing rumors that she 'might' be the Princesses' mother. Probably the one who actually makes all the calls, while using Princess Pipp's pop-star status to keep their subjects from truly seeing behind Haven's intentions. Unless it turns out she 'is' actually very nice, but is just suspicious of Sunny & her oddball collection of friends wanting to be friendly with her daughters like an overprotective mother.

But just in case, she 'is' one of those characters with malicious intent, whether she is actually a member of the Pegasus kingdom or probably on some other continent, it's logical to assume that she's using the paranoia & fear as an advantage to get what she needed in a way she couldn't do back when the 'Magic of Friendship' held strong.

I'm not having too much high hopes that this Gen 5 deal will be on the same level as Gen 4, which I think is going to be impossible to achieve. But depending on how well the movie turns out, add to the potential success of the Netflix series run, if not at the same degree as Gen 4 I'll definitely give it a close second. It's easy to feature a project that has a significantly large ensemble in terms of all the big names they can bring in, knowing people will mostly watch for those guys.

Difficult to say if they'll stick around for the series run given that most of these guys are big names. But who knows? Maybe they already have been doing so and we didn't know. But in case the series does feature the 'usual' voice cast we do expect, at least the film cast gives this Generation a decent push hoping that regardless if they are in the series or not fans love the characters so much it won't matter which Vancouver/California voice actors they bring in (Maybe they'll bring some voice talent from Texas and there's tons of them, if you catch my drift).


You know, so far we only have pony characters. What happened to the other kingdoms? It makes sense that after Twilight and the others were no longer around, kingdoms like the Yaks or Griffons might drop ties with Equestria, but others like the Hippogriffs and Changelings don't seem like they would...

I think if it's anything like when Gen 4 was introduced, the reintroduction of some of the other kingdoms will likely be small and gradual over time. If those kingdoms still exist in Equestria, whether they dropped ties after a while or disappeared under mysterious circumstances, their fates remain in the air at this time. We'll be lucky if this Generation includes a rendition of Spike or at least get some acknowledgment as to what happened to him, given the series takes place after his time with his friends. Maybe there'll be a descendant who shares the same namesake.

And under that note, we do have to wonder what's the status between Ponies and Dragons.

True...Ember is likely retired now, seeing as Torch mentioned in Gauntlet of Fire that they're only allowed to rule for a certain amount of time...but they might run into a dragon who's a descendant of either her, Spike, or Smolder...or maybe even Garble, seeing as he's been redeemed

It is possible if not probable. Just because we don't know about the other races just yet, that's not to say they'll never be mentioned in Gen 5. Last thing we can expect is to go the 'My Little Pony Tales' where it's mostly ponies who are the focus and no other species.

Yeah. There's also the creatures that didn't get much view time but we know exist, like the Abyssinians and the parrots, or even the deer from the comics

True, true, true. We hardly really got to know them in the television run (Not unless we actually 'read' the comics). Who knows? What didn't happen for Gen 4 can be made possible for Gen 5. You just never know. There's probably a whole bunch ideas they want to try, but probably won't throw all the big ones in the movie (Seeing as it'll be like an hour and a half pilot).

Yeah...still, I'd like to see a more diverse main cast...

Unless...Haven is a changeling in disguise?

Nah, too obvious

Yeah... not a bad guess, but it's definitely an easy one. We'll just have to see how it plays out.

For all we know, she actually could be very nice. But that Alphabittle guy... I'd keep a close watch on him. There's something suspicious about that guy.

Agreed...it's a weird name too

And I even made a joke over how it shares the same name as a G3 character.

Why do I had a feeling Queen Haven is going to be main villain? I get a villain vibe from her.

Very interesting set of cast, I honestly didn't them to cast a YouTuber as one of main characters who happens to be Generation 5 answer to Rainbow Dash

I am curious of how the film fit in the same universe as Friendship is Magic since the film mentions about Twilight and her friends…

You and me both pal. Just by judging the facial expression, as well as the choice of casting, she does seem to give off that vibe. And it certainly is not everyday they decide to add a YouTube star in a role that's meant to bear a striking similarity to Rainbow Dash. Who knows? The studio must see something in the kid or else they'd never have given her a chance.

We know for a fact they mention this series taking place after the events of the Gen 4 series and they acknowledge multiple times of the existence of Princess Twilight, her friends & her teachings. Not absolutely certain how else with the connection between two worlds that we are looking for. But come the film's release, we are bound to discover more over the course of time.

Very interesting cast selection, although i'm only familiar with 3 of them mentioned, so pumped about the new movie, Sept 24...... thats going down on my calendar, thank you Drama and have a fabulous day

Wow... thank you! I am flattered.

Uh, but on a subject of curiosity, which three 'were' you most familiar with again?

Ken Jeong, Vanessa Hudgens and James Marsden

Hmm... well that does make sense. Most of the cast on here I mainly know either because of the cartoons they were involved with or I just happen to know their names.

Good thing I watch 'Samurai Jack' so I automatically knew about Phil LaMarr.

I think i might actually heard of Phil LaMarr from a few cartoons ive seen such as Lion Guard, im pretty sure many of the voices will sound familiar once we see the movie XD

Oh absolutely. The names may not be familiar, but they say you know people better if you hear the tone of their voice or if you recognize their face (Like you've seen them in a live action production). For instance, with McKean you'd recognize him if at some point you recall his role from 'Laverne & Shirley' as one of their annoying neighbors. The greaseball dudes.

Yay! Vanessa is in on mlp!

A marvelous talent if I do say so myself. I'm sure she can handle this role rather swimmingly.

Moxxie is a mood their faces are still cursed to me but at least there's more info. Can't tell if I'll like it but I'm willing to give it a shot

In my opinion, now that we have a full cast it does sound more promising. And the few scenes we have are as close to a teaser as we can get. Hopefully it won't be long till we get an 'actual' trailer.

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