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    · 1:00pm May 30th

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So what did we learn?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Absolutely nothing, of course. Just like the last time this happened, when he literally posted the Applejack thing.

Be slightly less inflammatory in my blog posts?

Applejack thing?

The "I didn't learn anything" from the Flimflam Brothers' introductory episode.

Oh lol I love this song from that episode but I’ve only watched it once because everyone was being an idiot in that episode on both sides

Deep #7 · May 31st · · 2 ·

Have you learned not to look like someone who kidnaps small children and hides them in his basement?

oh wow oh no how will I ever recover from this vicious insult? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
like seriously dude, you would think in this of all fandoms you would learn to not insult people based on their appearance.

Deep #9 · May 31st · · 1 ·


Like I said in my other response, you lost the right to compassion a looooong time ago

If you're going to insult him for not changing, at least insult him for not changing the thing that's gotten him temp-banned twice now (advocating mass murder (I can't say "genocide" because cops aren't a race)).

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