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Dream Reversal (Is this idea TOO controversial) · 12:55pm April 28th

Well, here's another early blog, before I leave to go to work. :rainbowlaugh:

So in a previous blog, I had mentioned writing a story based off of Dream Date with the genders swapped. So as I was working yesterday, I was contemplating the idea and I did come up with something... though it might be a bit... controversial.

Allow me to explain.

The idea is that you the reader, are a student at a college in Canterlot, a young unicorn mare learning magic. Aside from that, there are two things that are meant to be very clear. One being that you might have a crush on your teacher, who is a unicorn stallion, the other that there is one smart a**, goody toe shoes mare that just keeps rubbing you the wrong way. Twilight Sparkle.

One nightmare night you happen to be in Twilight's dorm room when you notice a scroll on her desk and decide to treat yourself to a little trick. After taking the scroll, you decide to run off somewhere and learning that it is a summoning scroll for an incubus you decide to use it. Once the summon is complete, you are surprised to not only discover an actual incubus in front of you, but that it is in fact your teacher.

As the reader's incubi teacher feeds on her dream energy, the reader character starts feeling a deeper connection with them, as well as learning that her fellow student, Twilight might be a succubus and might also be romantically involved/interested in their teacher.

So you can see where there might be a problem with this concept. :twilightsheepish:

Here in America (if not in the UK and other places around the world), a romantic relationship between a teacher and their student is often frowned upon, even if both are consenting adults. So I could see that this might not be the best idea. Even if both Twilight and the reader character are over the age of 18 in the story.

Still I thought I would present it and see what you all think. Maybe it's not as bad a concept as I am thinking and it will be okay... or maybe not. :twilightblush:

Tell me what you think, just don't kill me, I beg you. :fluttershbad:

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I've seen way crazier shit on this site, from incest all the way to rape cleanse my eyes pls.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is go for it bud

I recommend that this be set in an alt universe where the 2nd person mare and Twilight are graduate students working toward their doctorates. Adults all around.

I wouldn’t worry if I were you :twilightblush: The subject of a relationship between teacher and student (adults in both cases) were already used PLENTY of times in FIMFICTION.

i like second person fics, so if this gets me more second person fics then im up for it

I see no problem with it as a story.

Should be fine as a Teen rated story. The actual problem is a conflict of interest one, not the relationship itself. Sounds like the reader character might question how Twilight does so well in that class, although she can counter that she does well in all classes.

The premise for this story isnt that bad, (as someone who lives in the US) you just need to state that both twilight and the other mare are both at least 18 and you should be fine, as other people have stated theres been way worse stuff here, I.E. incest, rape, etc.

5508452 I mean that is the plan (technically all my stories take place in alternate universes) and the teacher in this wouldn't be the teacher reader character we have in Dream Date (though I might try to base that off of reader interpretations of that character).

Graduate students makes sense. I can get down with that. :twilightsmile:

5508461 I suppose that's true.

5508475 Good to know.

5508908 I mean, I know there's worse topics here on FimFiction, I just try not to be the jerk who... well, writes that kind of stuff. So I wasn't sure if this would be an issue.

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