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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Friday
    Brief Spoiler Free Review: My Little Pony: A New Generation

    It's good wholesome fun. Nothing really felt forced, and it emotionally moved me. It warmed my cold, black, cynical heart. So, if you looking for something wholesome to watch, watch this movie, rather than some grimdark edgy crap like Game of Thrones.

    Unless you overanalyze this movie with a microscope there is nothing nobody should be upset about.

    I regret ever watching Game of Thrones.

    13 comments · 80 views
  • Thursday
    The Fashion Ride

    I have a potential story in the works. I am working alongside another user about Rarity being ridden like a horse. Big Rarity, no puny four feet tall ponies, shire horse-sized ones, if not even bigger.

    Edit: The story is called: A Fashion Workhorse.

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    9 comments · 82 views
  • Wednesday
    Horse Riding has been updated

    I just updated horse riding. I hope you enjoy.

    This story was meant to be a short one-shot. But I feel it needs... to be bigger.

    2 comments · 61 views
  • Tuesday
    Horse Riding

    I feel like expanding upon this story with more, or a big chapter. And expand in more ways... than one. Also, it somehow got featured. The story is no longer under the complete tag.

    What do you think of this plan?

    8 comments · 55 views
  • 1 week
    Ponies reactions to a human eating meat?

    I seen some stories where the ponies behave like screeching harpies over the fact that a human eats meat. As in overreact, and make such a big thing about it, and shun the human. We can assume the ponies have diplomatic relations with sapien minded species like the Griffons. I'm pretty sure the Griffons eat meat, and it goes without saying the Griffons are not going to kill and eat ponies....

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Dating A Friendly Robot Pony? · 6:53am April 28th

Would you date a friendly robot pony? As in they are good-natured and caring, and have great compassion toward living things. It might be possible one day. Who knows?

Here's some creepy food for thought though, they are immortal. A single one of them can quite easily wipe out the entire human race by simply eating them with nanomachines. They like to turn their bodies into grey goo (tiny machines) and give you a cocoon hug by wrapping your body in the stuff. They like to do this to prove they don't have any ill intentions. The grey goo feels soft and warm, and they can massage your body with the goo.

Would you be creeped out by a cocoon hug from a robot pony? Even if they are friendly?

Report Bendy · 78 views · #robot #friendly
Comments ( 15 )

To be fair I would be startled to ask what it is they are doing and why. Then I would proceed to enjoy said cuddles.

The answer is robosexual. And maybe, pitty. They would feel pity toward us mortal humans.

As soon as one of them said "grey goo" I would NOPE out of there. That phrase is slang for a planet where every single resource, crust to core and all life, has been broken down and used to build out-of-control self-replicating nanomachines. Twenty pounds of nope in a ten pound bag.

And thus begins the intergalactic empire of the snuggle pony nanomachine sexbots. Their goal? To wipe out sentient life by the ultimate ideal physical partner so that none of the genders of said life will have the desire to even copulate with others of their species, even for the sole purpose of procreation, thus ensuring that every member of the species dies out without creating younglings. Once the last member of the species dies out, they mine the planet down and create more members of the snuggle pony nanomachine sexbots and interstellar vehicles so they can find more planets and start the cycle anew.

Yeah grey goo hugs probably would be creepy even if they were friendly.

Hmm... can it legitimately pass the Harkness test, or just parrot the answers?

Fully sapient and independent Grey Goo pony... yes, absolutely, it could be hot. Just think of the potential kinky shit you could get up to! Take your date everywhere with you as 'living' clothing. As a skin-tight bodysuit even, if that's your style.

Not to mention the potential health benefits. You learn that you have cancer? She could, in theory, let a small number of her nanomachines into your bloodstream, find the tumor(s) and break it down in such miniscule portions that it you would, theoretically, have no adverse symptoms.
If she's a variant that's aslo capable of molecular reconstruction, then she could repair damage that occurs within your body, Metal Gear style. I would make the MGR reference, but I think you get it.

Obviously, she will ask for your consent. But would you mind if she's cybernetically enhanced you? And made backup copies of your brain just to make sure you don't inexplicably die. So even if you were to die somehow even with her cybernetics inside you, she will just replace your brain with a machine one.

... are we talking about Robo or GG?

Err, robo? I guess?

For Robo, yes to the cybernetics, but only to a certain degree. Brain backups... I honestly couldn't say. The best answer I can give is 'possibly'.

For GG, yes, absolutely, in a heartbeat.

yes, but before I'd go all the way with this robopone, I'd install an anti-skynet protocol in their ai

Yeah. That would be a good idea. Don't want to make love to a mosnter.

Not sure but does sound like an interesting experience

Skynet worked just fine until they tried to shut him down... at which point he basically went "you first, I insist".

For me, as long as the character can say "no" its not creepy. Its also nice to know if the characters already trust each other.

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