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My Little Pony Movie News 04/09/2021 · 5:56pm Apr 9th, 2021


GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Occasional Singer keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 movie and beyond! *Sighs* You know under normal circumstances I couldn't be more excited to have a new blog post ready for all the supporters who've been behind these blogs the past few months. And I should be even more ecstatic when I was just announced today that we finally received some information on 'two' ponies who's names have only popped up with very little to go by. I will say this faithful readers, we can declare that a mystery has come to an end as we get our first 'true' glimpse of two characters slated to join our 'mane' cast.

The ponies collectively known as Pipp & Zipp...

'No Relation'... you know, those ponies could use a portrait reminiscent to this.

Anyways, to get the elephant of the room out of the way, let us begin with the pony we've seen the most yet barely know much about... come out Pipp!

At least she's pretty, I'll give her that.

There has been a ton of rumors going around centered on Pipp, if all the latest articles and announcements in the toy line are any indication. Some have gone to say that she's the princess of the Pegasus kingdom solely for Generation 5. Others have added that she's the 'Princess of Pop' indicating this mare is one of those 'Pop Idol' performers hoping to spread her love of music worldwide. But when I look at this portrait... Equestria's definitely lost it's magic if they resorted to using 'iphones' as their means of communicating on a global scale. It wasn't enough that Hasbro had to go and modernize 'Friendship is Magic' by having the Mane Six using tablets and iphones, as if to suggest technology is replacing magic and charm... now apparently it's happening in Generation 5 too. Then again, we've seen Sunny and Izzy ascend an elevator with two of the Pegasus guards so we can only assume that their kingdom has had to adapt with modern conveniences to compensate for the loss of magic in Equestria.

Still... if only there's something that can cheer me up in light of this first impression...

Someone's acting like a real drama queen today...

*Pause* That'll do...

Moving forward, after seeing this pony in plushie form in my previous blog, we are introduced to our first screenshot of the pony sharing a similar name: The Pegasus collectively known as 'Zipp'.

Like a boss!!!

Last time we had a chance to talk about Zipp, there's been comparisons between Zipp and Rainbow Dash leading fans to assume that she either shares a family ancestry with Rainbow Dash or their personalities are the same. But as I examine this portrait of Zipp, I lead myself to question that we are likely dealing with a rather different pony than what we are initially expecting. Judging by her facial expression, it seems she has a 'no-nonsense' attitude, possibly having a military background, and she is the type of pony that no one wants to mess with. Judging by the background of the following portrait, we can assume that our Mane cast were probably in some form of danger and she just happened to be in the area and decided to help. If Sunny and her team were on their way to the Pegasus kingdom and she actually wasn't welcome there, but knows where it is anyway, it can be likely she could at least point them toward the direction of the kingdom probably knowing whatever they aim to find there is a fruitless endeavor. Still, given this is our first real glimpse of Zipp at this time, there is no doubt fans have much to digest as more news surrounding this mysterious pony continues to develop.

Overall, with Pipp and Zipp having mainly been under discussion through merchandising, this at least is our first big impression as to the kind of ponies we can expect to see on Netflix. It still remains unknown at this time if these two ponies are in relation to any way, given the fact how it would appear to be coincidental knowing their names are nearly the same. It's not like it's the first time we haven't had a case with a pair of characters who's names are nearly the same... Phil & Lil, Jim & Tim Possible, Sherri & Terri (Simpsons), Wily Kat & Wily Kit, etc., etc., etc. I can name a whole bunch of other duos that share my opinion that Pipp and Zipp might actually be sisters with contrasting personalities but we'd be here all day. But for the time being, if in the event it turns out we are dealing with scarcely different ponies, it's more than likely coincidental that their names happen to be the same.

But the bigger question remains: What do YOU think?

Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers and viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

*Telephone rings*

Hello? *Pause* Yes... they are siblings? Oh, okay... thanks for the clarification.

*Puts phone down* This just in faithful viewers... turns out the mares are in fact siblings. Now that makes things rather interesting...

Move along now!

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If Pipp is thought to be royalty, perhaps Zipp is as well, but is more of the "I don't like being a royal so I'm gonna be a [insert likely adventuring thing] instead!" character?

That guess is 'possible', if not 'probable'. Assuming that relations are in order, it would be a way to separate one pony from the other. Whereas Pipp lavishes in the life of luxury and all the benefits of royalty, Zipp is more likely the adventurous type. What we may be dealing with is additional a case of dealing with an introvert pony and an extrovert pony. One can like guess which pony is which.


Though I wouldn't mind if Zipp turned out to be, like, a descendant of Tempest or someone like her. Tempest was the Queen of the MLP Movie

That is actually not a bad thought to consider either. Here we are discussing over how Zipp shares some traits with some pony like Rainbow Dash, but why not some pony else? Sure, Tempest Shadow's biggest role was in that movie while the rest of her appearances were reduced to silent cameos. But let's face the facts: While we can say what we like about the MLP movie ages ago, there's no denying Tempest Shadow was among the best parts of the movie. Hell, if the movie were anything like the trailer and mainly focused on 'all' those characters and the celebrities they brought in to portray them, it would be a completely different movie (Like something out of a FanFic or something).

In any case, if what this movie needs is a pony who's a badass, some pony who can bring a fight to the danger, and barely believes in being light-hearted and carefree, a pony like Zipp would definitely fit the bill.

Agreed, and it could actually be possibly Zipp is a distant descendant of Tempest, you can see they have similar mane colors, the purple on Zipp's wings could be reminiscent of Tempest's coat, and the teal in her mane a reference to Temp's eyes

And get this, I just found out from a source:

Apparently Zipp and Pipp are indeed siblings, so the theory that they are in relation in some form is in fact true. As for all the features surrounding Zipp and such, I can see the details that would suggest she is indeed similar to that of Tempest Shadow. Granted, she probably won't be voiced by the same actress but it's good to know that with acute observation we are able to see things.

Agreed, and cool. Too bad about the phones though, but I guess without magic some would seek other means of comfort. It doesn't look like any of the other characters have done that though, not a single modern device on them

The Pegasus kingdom must be the most drastically altered in Equestria. It would likely go to demonstrate how Equestria has changed. With magic almost a thing of the past, they must've needed something to get them through the day. I'll bet these features are added as a portray of social media and how it induces paranoia as quickly (As all the stories seem to suggest). Not to say it's all entirely bad, but it seems we mainly focus on its negative attributes.

So Zipp and Pipp are siblings? That make sense considering their name sound so similar.

I imagine Pipp is kind and friendly sister while Zipp is more of "If you touch my sister, I will kill you"-type sister considered she seems more stern than Rainbow Dash. (That would make her differentiate from Rainbow Dash)

Well, we have sisters as part of main cast members of Gen 5 ponies (the relationship between Applejack and Pinkie Pie are still ambiguous).


It would be funny (well, maybe not funny but ironic) if Pegasi used most of their weather magic for just predicting the weather via their modern devices instead of controlling it

Apparently from what we heard and you are right. It does make sense considering the similarity of their names. Whether this makes them twins or if one pony is older than the other (It be quite a twist if it turns out 'Pipp' is the older sibling), I can imagine judging by their facial reactions that their personalities are just as you say they are.

And you are right about one thing. It has never been confirmed or denied if Applejack & Pinkie Pie are in any relation to one another. This controversy pretty much destroyed any chance of Marble Pie & Big Mac getting together under the assumption that cousins falling in love will lead to 'incest' (Didn't stop those two kids in that 'Blue Lagoon' movie). But at least this time, as far as the cast is concerned, we can confirm that two of the ponies are in fact siblings.

It's likely, if not probable. Though if it would be anything like 'predicting' the weather in the media, there'd be that one joke where it's like 'That stupid weather man never gets it right!'.

*Offscreen* You used a Sailor Moon reference didn't you...


I mean, you're not wrong, it's rare they do get things right

Heck even Josh's father doesn't often get the weather right in that 'Drake & Josh' series.

im guessing we are getting a new m6 by the looks of things I'm guessing an earth pony I think we have 2 unicorns 2 pegasi and 1 earth pony so possibly 4 mares and maybe 2 stallions

As for ponies using modern technology like IPhone, I can see that losing their magic lead to development of modern devices since they don't have their magic anymore (Definitely the future of Equestria indeed).

At least, the animation is not like Pony Life or especially Teen Titans Go! Not a big fan of TTG :pinkiesick:


That seems to be the case. Rumor has it there's a 'sixth' pony in the line-up to join the cast, but thus far we really don't know anything about this pony at the moment. But hopefully it is indeed another unicorn to even out the playing field. So far we have two Earth Ponies (1 woman and 1 dude), 2 Pegasus siblings (Both girls), and 1 Unicorn. A second unicorn, male or female, would be just what we'd need to have a six pony team. All that would be missing is some character to fill the Spike position but something tells me that might not happen.

The animation is definitely beautiful, it looks like they really put some great attention to the mane styles (Since that's very difficult to animate, even for 3D).

Modernization has definitely taken into full effect with the loss of magic somehow. Either that's a good thing for pony kind... or it could be a bad thing just the same.

According to the leak, the sixth member is a stallion that looks similar to Big Mac.

It's likely that stallion is probably unicorn to balance the cast.

Just saying, who know? Not all leaks are always accurate.

That's funny. That's exactly what this one user said on Equestria Daily. Well, if that is true, all we can do is wait for further information about this character. Nothing is ever certain until the details are released. Who knows? Perhaps this 'Big Mac' lookalike is a soft-spoken character.

I'm already liking the animation

The animation is breathtakingly beautiful. Not sure if it's Pixar like, but it's something special.


I was expecting to like the designs more when I saw them in action, and motion and and lighting of her flying animation looks smooth.

It's one thing to admire good animation, but it's on a whole other level when fans get to see the animation come to life and provide an opportunity to observe just how fluid it appears. And while we still have no other idea what else is in store with this feature and what more of these ponies we can expect as far as the siblings' personalities one thing is certain. This and everything else that has come up in recent weeks goes to further demonstrate there is indeed promise for what this movie has to offer.

The Mane Six will most likely have passed away, if it jumps ahead in time. But there might be six street names for each one of them, kind of like “Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd” and “Frank Sinatra Dr”.

It would go against the argument that Alicorns live longer than the average pony, though at least it would be a relief to those fans against the idea that Twilight Sparkle will outlive ALL her friends. Course, even if that is the case, let's assume that at some point an Alicorn can 'still' pass away even if they could live a thousand years longer than the average pony. If it's the magic within certain ponies that expand the lifeforce of let's say a unicorn and an alicorn for example, like battery power eventually the magic will wear off and nothing will prevent their bodies from ceasing their functions.

If that being the case, it is under the likely circumstances (And as additional Easter Eggs) their names would probably be used as street names for any locations Gen 5 has to offer.

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