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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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    There is a poll I posted on an earlier blog against Feathered Hearts: Continuation and Chronicles asking what I should work on next. As I decided it was unfair to tag that story but exclude my others, I’m posting additional blogs for readers of my other active stories as well. If you want to

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Feathered Hearts - Continuation & Chronicles: Introductory Blog · 11:05pm March 20th

Greetings, one and all! Whether you're a long-starved reader of the original story, or a new one just coming in, this is your starting point for Feathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles. In it, I will try to anticipate likely questions and explain myself, as to both why I've chosen to do this, and in this manner.

TFeathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles
The Griffon Kingdom has overcome countless challenges and adversaries over its long history. But can it survive the coming of humanity and the return of an ancient foe?
Firesight · 42k words  ·  104  7 · 1.5k views

So what is this new story?

Exactly what it says--the continuation and chronicles of the old Feathered Heart story by Demon Eyes Laharl, though it will take a while yet to get to the former. The continuation will be, of course, picking up where the old story left off and eventually completing it, detailing the course and conclusion of the Great Cloven/Griffon War, to say nothing of the eventual fate of all our favorite characters from Marco to Gilda to Fortrakt to the Marines and everyone else. The 'Chronicles' part will be basically bonus material; original chapters that get inserted earlier in the story to fill in gaps between existing chapters where time jumps exist. The first published chapter of this story, for example, is such a chapter; it takes place between chapter 3 and chapter 4 of the original story.

Okay, but why is that chapter numbered 6 if it's between original chapters 3 & 4?

Because my efforts are not limited to producing new content. I'm also taking it upon myself to update that original story with a full editing pass and dramatically expanded content, very similar to what I did for Turnabout Storm years ago. To that end, I've already turned the first 3 chapters of the original into 5 expanded chapters, now posted to Google Docs. They're linked in the story cover page as well as the author's notes of the first published chapter, but I'll post the link to the Google Doc folder containing them here as well:

This is where you can find the updated and expanded chapters of the original story.

Uh... why are you not just publishing them to the new story?

Because by site rules, I can't publish chapters belonging to another author's story to a new one, no matter how much I update them. Not even if the story and account the chapter belongs to is (apparently) abandoned. Trust me, I did ask the mods, and that was the answer I got. So the only way I can offer the updated content is to put them out on Google Docs and link them. Believe me, I wish it were otherwise.

Dunno, this seems kinda disrespectful to the original story. Did you try to contact the author?

Yes. Many times, over a period of months. But Demon Eyes Laharl (DEL for short) hasn't been on fimfiction since April of 2017, so there's no point in PM'ing him. I have an old Skype account for him, but he doesn't reply to it. I pulled up an old Google Doc of his I helped edit, knowing that replying to his comments there would send them to an unknown email account that belongs to him, but there was no response. I even got myself a fanfiction.net account to try to PM him on his existing account there, but once again, he didn't answer, and he isn't been on that account either since late 2018.

In short, I did everything I could to reach him, wishing to ask him if I could take over the original story to finish it, to no avail. Whatever happened to him, it unfortunately seems that he's gone for good. :raritycry:

Okay, but why redo the original, which everyone loves? Why not just write the continuation as is?

Several reasons. But let me say first that I'm not 'redoing' it, I'm just updating and expanding it. I promise that all the original plot points and characters are present; I'm just generally fleshing them out a lot more. The best analogy I can give is that I'm doing the same thing for this that I did for Turnabout Storm a few years ago.

As for why I want to, well... there are several reasons for that alone, but foremost among them is that it needs it. 2012 was a long time ago (groan), and quite frankly, there are some notable issues with the original, both in terms of editing and even a few plot holes/pacing problems. It's not a slander of DEL, who I still immensely admire, it's simply that he wasn't as good an author at that point. Hell, neither was I; I look at stuff I wrote back then and just wince for all the problems I see now. But here in 2021, I've got nine years of additional writing experience under my belt, and as well a great deal more lore, both show and headcanon-based, that I can incorporate. So why not avail myself of it?

As for headcanon lore, that basically means my Firefly series, which are easily my highest-rated stories. It's fair because Feathered Heart in fact inspired Firefly. Perhaps readers of the original will recall that former mentioned that there was a Great Pony/Griffon War in the distant past? Well, the Firefly stories describe that war, and borrows very heavily on the griffon lore of Feathered Heart to do so. So basically, this is me paying the original back for all the inspiration and material it gave me.

I think the original is just fine. Do I have to read the new version?

Nope. The continuation will be written so that it works with either version. I can't say the same about the bonus content, though. That will use the new version of the story. So I'd encourage you to at least check it out.

So what's different in the new version?

Well, let's see... just in the first five chapters:

  1. Ranks are now much more in line with the griffon military in the Firefly series. You can find their rank structure here.
  2. As they're basically Roman, the griffons speak a variant of Latin that mixes in avian sounds.
  3. Gilda's initial promotion is not as sharp--I can't justify jumping her all the way to sub-Tribune, which would take her from basically nothing to commanding a cohort (~500 griffons). So I give her a starting rank of Decanus, basically putting her in charge of a squad, which seems reasonable for her time in the griffon military, and then jump her two ranks to Decurion. That's not to say additional battlefield promotions can't follow...
  4. There's a lot more references now to the pony/griffon war and a lot of additional lore added regarding various races of Tellus we didn't know about back in 2012, including at least one of my own invention. Some of the lore is from the show, others are from either my personal canon or other Gentlemanverse canon, including most notably that of AJ_Aficionado (the Caleponians) and Denim_Blue (Changelings).
  5. Certain references are updated to more topical items for modern times. You might even see a fleeting political reference or two.
  6. Dialog is rearranged in places, and much more explanation is given to certain things, such as why Gilda was promoted following her attack on Marco.
  7. There's a fair amount of foreshadowing regarding what I'm planning to do in the continuation.
  8. There's also hints of a second romantic pair forming! Hence the plural on Feathered Hearts...

What if, by some stretch, Demon Eyes Laharl returns?

Then I will be overjoyed and very happily surrender the pen back to him. In that case, it's his story, and his choice what to do with it; he can then use or not use my new content as he sees fit. But for now, I'm informally taking the story over because I think my qualifications as a successful Gentlemanverse author who also writes well-reviewed war epics makes me the ideal choice to do so.

Put another way, I truly believe I'm the perfect choice to update and continue this. If I don't do it, it's not gonna get done, and I think we all want to see this magnificent story finished.

Well, that's about all I can think of right now. If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to ask them below or PM me separately. In the meantime, welcome back to the Feathered Heart saga, and I very much hope you enjoy the ride and my updated take!

Comments ( 10 )

Ok, so having read the original already, restart with the Google docs keeping in mind expansion, and then continue to the newly published chapters on this story?


You got it! Hope you enjoy. I'll be very curious to hear your opinion about the new version versus the old.

Where should I start reading on the old story before I jump to the new one?


Where should I start reading on the old story before I jump to the new one?

As it says in the blog, the current posted chapters take place between chapters 3 and 4 of the original story, and updated/expanded versions of the original story's earlier chapters can be found here:

Feathered Heart v2.0 - For Readers

The blog also explains why I had to post them to Google Docs instead of Fimfiction. So you can read chapters 1-5 on Google Docs, and then jump to chapter 6 (and now 7) in the new story. Or just keep reading out there, since I posted chapter 6 and 7 to Google Docs as well to have at least one place where the entire updated story could be found.

I am so freaking confused.
The origional was 20 chapters.
You have P-8 for version 2.0
then you have continuation and chronicles which is 6-9

So what's the reading order? I am so lost it's not funny

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Comment posted by Firesight deleted June 2nd


Good morning. I'm actually going to thank you for this comment, for two reasons.

First, I realized when I read it that I had neglected to upload chapter 9 to google docs. So I've taken care of that now. The second reason is that I'm going to use your comment to take another run at the mods to allow me to post the updated chapters to the main story, to hopefully show them that working within their rules is causing needless reader confusion.

As to your question: Google Docs contains the whole updated story that I’ve written to this point, including the edited chapters from the original story (1-5), while the main story only contains the 100% new content chapters that I've written (6-9). So the reading order is Google Docs chapters 1-5, and then you can either continue reading chapters 6-9 out there, or come back to Fimfiction to do so. I prefer the latter so you can post comments.

As things stand, new content chapters are all I'm allowed to post to Fimfiction. By site rules, and by direction of the mods, I am simply not allowed to repost old content from a different author's stories, even if that author has departed the site. Even if the old content is heavily updated and 60-80% rewritten. We'll see if I can use your comment to help sway them, especially since you're not the only one who keeps getting confused by this arrangement.


So the reading order is Google Docs chapters 1-5, and then you can either continue reading chapters 6-9 out there, or come back to Fimfiction to do so. I prefer the latter so you can post comments.


That makes a little more sense

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Alas, El Dorado is not bending on the site rules against reposting another author's work as an edit.

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