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I Got a New Job!!! · 5:23pm Feb 18th, 2021

For the last six and a half years, I've been stuck at a job that has demanded 11+ hours of me 5 days a week, sometimes 6.
It's possible the level of stress and overworking myself contributed to some of the health issues I dealt with in the last two years.

But it appears that's over now! I've just accepted a position as a medical microbiology team lead. The overtime there is virtually non-existent, employee retention is very high (the person I'm replacing is retiring), and the pay is almost 150% of what I make now.

Also, I'm moving to Vermont. For those of you outside the USA or just those who don't have your states memorized, that's the state highlighted in red here:

So if anybody lives in south Vermont / west Massachusetts / east New York, let me know, maybe you can give me some tips about stuff in the area.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of work associated with moving, and a lot of things I need to take care of before the new job begins, so further writing is probably gonna be a little delayed, sorry.

Anyway, now I just have to survive two more weeks at my current job (which is working me until 2am on an almost daily basis), and hopefully things will have nowhere to go but up after that!


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Comments ( 14 )
Author Interviewer

Oh cool, congrats :D

Enjoy the snow! (If you were not already living in a snow state, that is.)

I was in Pennsylvania, so I'm used to snow, but probably a little less than Vermont gets.

I am happy for you. I wish you much less stress and more fun in new work.

Yeah that sounds way better; you must've been miserable.

Welcome to almost-Canada. Be nice to the neighbors, they'll be nice to you.

Author Interviewer

You're also probably used to hills, for which the same goes. X)

Most excellent! Congrats on the new job and hope it's far more enjoyable! :pinkiehappy:

PA? So you already know how valuable snow tires are then. Getting there, I-88 is fairly bumpy along most of its length so be aware of that and I-87/287 usually has a fair bit of traffic. If you like shooting, VT is one of less annoying states to get firearms (be VERY CAREFUL about transporting any through NY) and there are plenty of slopes for skiing/snowboarding. I doubt you'll be commuting into VT anyway, but NY has worse taxes and a higher cost of living. Finally, you'll be getting into a three-way debate over who has the best maple syrup: Vermont, New York, or Canada. :raritywink:

I'm planning to both live and work within the boundaries of Vermont.

I've never had any interest in any sort of sport involving guns, so any differences in those laws don't really make a difference to me.
I AM interested in hiking, especially hiking mountains, and VT seems to be a pretty great place for that in itself, not to mention that it's surrounded on either side by NY's Adirondacks and NH's White Mountains, which are even more impressive.

By the way, I was waiting to hear from you. Magic of the Heart's all done, I know you were waiting for me to be finished.

Yep. I'm diving into it first thing this weekend. Work has been hectic this week.

Congratulations, PRB! I know you've mentioned before that you wanted a less stressful job, but this definitely sounds like you've found a winner all around! Good luck with the move, be safe and let us know when you arrive at your new place. Yay!!

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