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January News! · 12:43am January 31st

For the month of January we have some pretty nice updates and a spicy new story. I'm excited to hear your thoughts.

First of all, the new story:

Sweet Siren Seashell Switch-Up - Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Greed is letting someone do it until they have nothing left... Or maybe they do.

My warm-up piece that helped me get back in shape for writing. But beyond just being a warm-up piece, it's also something I personally had a good laugh putting together. Also, I consider it a sort of continuation to "So Unfair!" given the sort of air to it. Maybe one day I'll write up a full on continuity for individual universes I work in. Who knows?

Next up, the updates:

Know Your Mare - It's silly, it's pointless, and it makes little to no sense... I've heard of worse story ideas.

While it's somewhat pointless to update people on when the story is updated given how constant and random updates are with it, but if I'm planning on doing this month-end updates, I may as well mention it. It's the story that sort of put me where I am, so I'm always happy to work a little more nonsense into it.

Wings Above my Winds - After taking up an otherwise routine charity job for the orphanage, Spitfire has to wrestle with unexpected emotions.

The long awaited update to one of my most favorite story ideas. Now I have a fancy laptop I can move about with and write on far more often. I promise this story will get FAR more updates. Which one would argue a more than one update a year would be a massive improvement, but I assure you it will be far, far more than that. If you have to eye over any story this month, let it be this one; one near and dear to my heart.

Life update and changes:

Got a few very important updates and life changes going up starting now. I'm currently working on a Patreon, one I hope to have up and running once I have a better idea of how I want it to function. But while that's not exactly set, what is up and going is my Ko-fi where you can drop some well appreciated dollars. I'd also love for you all to give an eye-over of the updated commission page on my profile if you're interested. Again, all of this is up to you if you want to carry through on it. A little money to help me through the days is always well appreciated, but not at all required.

What's most important when it comes to updates is that I now have a nifty little work computer as I mentioned before. With it I can write and work far more at my own whims. I'm not confined to just my normal computer, which I use for all my games and social interactions. But with this, it's clean, it's dedicated solely to writing and organizing my writing; both fan fictions and personal projects. So look forward to more activity here once again.

With that, we have our first real month-end update.

Question of the Month:

What's a better universe to read about: Pony, Equestria Girls, Human, or Anthro?

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