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Just Samantha being smug. Don't mind her. [MILD SPOILERS FOR PONY-ME'S REBOOT] · 8:20am Nov 20th, 2020

For those who aren't familiar with Pony-Me, or are familiar but are curious on how the reboot's dealing with character reveals, check it out below the break.

NOTE: The following snippet is from the original fiction adaptation of Pony-Me that I'm writing at the same time as the reboot. Julie Ashton is functionally the same character as Pinkie Pie for the purpose of this excerpt.

Man, do you look confused! I guess I’d might as well explain how I know you as well, then. You probably don’t remember all that much from before your time in the simulation, so I’ll just tell you who you currently know me as.”

Oh? Another person she knew from her world?

“Julie Ashton.”

Oh. Oh. Lisa facepalmed. How did she not realize that? Samantha’s personality matched perfectly with Julie’s, all the way down to the way she spoke!

“You didn’t figure it out until now, did you?” Samantha smirked. “I think you should add ‘can basically read your mind like a book’ to that list of yours, Lizzy.”

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the chapter so far's turning out to be one of the longest chapters yet in the reboot! It's probably gonna be another day or so before I post anything up for prereading. :twilightsmile:

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