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Chapter 25, Virtual Boxing, and the OST · 6:34pm Nov 12th, 2020

So here I am, another chapter drafted (9.7k words), having just sent it off to the editors after staying up through all the night and all the dawn, with your "regular" heads-up announcement that I hope to have it out on Friday.

I'm kinda tired, so this blog won't be as chatty as they usually are. I've recently picked up a game known as Thrill of the Fight. It's a VR boxing game and it's great exercise. Really exhausting. You'd think boxing wouldn't be that bad in VR, but it turns out that throwing the hardest punches you can for three minutes straight is super tiring even when there's not actually anything there for you to hit.

I'm sure by now you all know about the audiobook, and I know a lot of you aren't really audiobook people, but I just thought I'd at least mention the OST. Noc's a great composer, and I think he deserves a lot more viewership than he currently has. Here's his YouTube. Check that shit out.

If you want to read the chapter now, just $3 on my Patreon will get you access. And if you want to be cool, here's my Discord.

Alright, peace. If the chapter isn't published tomorrow, you can blame it on my editors.

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