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Random Ramblings CDV · 4:30am Oct 12th, 2020

Hi all. Or, whoever's left. I just want to get right down to it, so enjoy this new Babymetal MV and then follow me past the jump.

As I type this, late on Sunday October 11th, I have just uploaded a new chapter of EQUESTRIA GIRLS that I crapped out in less than a day. To be honest, it's only half a chapter, but once I noticed the extreme difference in tone between the two parts plus the fact that my rambling at the beginning took up more words than one of the chapters I'd already posted, well, I figured I'd just post it as-is to prove I'm alive.

To finish the second half of the chapter, I needed to go back and watch ZXInsanity's original video plus a few others. Hey, I'm the guy who managed to successfully stitch together nearly a dozen MLP Youtube Poops into a coherent narrative, so doing the same with EQG-P isn't too much of a stretch. I will say for the record I'm avoiding the stuff about the Reapers because I've never played that game.

What I'm more satisfied with, though, is that I've FINALLY finished (save for editing in 12 more words to satisfy my OCD) the final chapter of this year's Mayor Mare story. I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish it a month ago like I planned. It will post on October 20th, with an epilogue likely to come on or around November 5th. Suffice to say I started the last chapter after thoroughly perusing readers' comments.

A couple weeks ago while in the shower, a story idea suddenly popped into my head. I had to jot down stuff before I forgot it. Not sure when or if I'll get a chance to write it -- guess it depends on whether I decide to attempt to complete the Main Timeline. Let's just say I thought I was done with the Burritoverse. Evidently not. One character has yet to receive her Burrito story.

I wish I was a faster & better writer so I could get all my bad ideas onto this site and not have them fester in my head for years.

Because of my nonexistent sleep schedule and still trying to organize the last of the chaos that is my dad's estate, I don't always have the time or the drive to write. I did a lot of coffee the last couple days just to ensure y'all got something, even if it's shit.

Like American potential, my best writing days are probably behind me. I remain, screaming into the abyss, hoping that maybe someone will still hear and maybe get some enjoyment out of what I attempt. I can't possibly hold a candle to all the great writers who once populated this site -- some may still, I don't know.

What I do know is I need to learn how to write a good mystery story, because that's the format of the final story of my EQG Main Timeline. I've already laid some of the groundwork for it -- Blooming Friendship and an unnamed Orangeglow story will do most of the rest. If I give up before any of that happens, then I'll just pull what I did with my Pinkamena epic and give the synopsis on my blog where even fewer people will read it. Yeah I feel bad that I had to drop that one, but fixing it requires rewriting from the ground up. I was happy to do that with my Granny Smith story (still one of my personal faves), but Pinkamena was way more involved, far more characters, moments that would have been acceptable when I started rendered OOC by later canon (tagging it "AU" wouldn't fix everything).

Instead of writing, I've been sleeping way too much and watching anime. I don't care what anyone says -- Rent-A-Girlfriend is good even though the MC is a total fucking simp. Thank god it's getting a second season because the first's ending would be unsatisfying as hell if I didn't already know more is coming.

Peace out!

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Hey there Souf. <3 Good job getting stuff done. :) I've gotten nearly nothing done for 5 months and I'm so tired. -3-

I can probably give advice for mystery stories if ya want it.

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