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1st Ditz's List of Recommendation - Tentative Title - Tentatively The Final One · 2:38pm Sep 20th, 2020

Hello, all, to the inaugural post of 'Ditz-decides-to-share-short-stories-they've-read-from-authors-but-forgets-to-do-it-every-week-so-now-Ditz-attempts-to-do-it-today-in-a-limited-time-manner-and-typing-this-specific-paragraph-probably-took-longer-than-they-care-to-admit'!

Now, I realize that 150 followers isn't the biggest thing on this site, and frankly, I consider myself a small author, though one that barely posts, of course! Still, I feel there are authors that deserve more follows and views all around, so I am here to maaaaybe help them somewhat. Hoping to have them seen more by people who are looking for newer/smaller authors. And so, here is a flimsy attempt at doing it. Will I commit? Who knows! Only time will truly tell.

To start off, a DISCLAIMER: what I like, may not be what you like. I don't consider myself a scholar, much less a good writer, but I do know that there will be people out there that will likely enjoy the same stuff I do, so here is it for those types of people. Also, I will be focusing on the story itself rather than what other stories the authors may have written, whatever they may be. Cool? Cool. Let's go!

I'll be frank; this story was obtuse for me. The concept of life, what it means to live, how to understand the mere idea, or rather, never being able to. Admittedly, this concept can, and will likely feel pretentious to some, but to me, it felt like Solaire was simply asking questions using the one character that I feel makes complete sense, that being Twilight Sparkle; who else to ask about the meaning of life than book horse herself?

While I followed the story beats well enough, it feels like I missed something in it, almost as if Solaire was building up some sort of mystery behind (which, spoiler alert they are releasing multiple stories like this, building up from what this started. As someone who enjoys the way this was done (odd aside, I'm going through Bloodborne) I'm looking forward to where Solaire leads this. If you are curious, give it a read! It's pretty short, but be mindful, as there are mentions of death, just in case you feel uncomfortable with that sort of thing.

Continuing onto this second story, this one was... interesting. Another small story about my favorite book horse, Twilight Sparkle. Though, it may not be great for those of you who also love her as much as me.

It's a very short story, one focusing on the decline of Twilight Sparkle. Despite that, Ruby manages to write something compelling, adding enough for other characters to do their job while still subtly showing Twilight's decay without getting sidetracked. Like previously stated, it's not a happy story, and it's one that will likely make some groan, but I think it's something that's worth checking out, being a very short story as well. Like before, watch out for death in this if you are sensible to that.

Also, this was written in under an hour. A lot of us wish to have the ability to even write that many coherent words in so little time! :twilightblush:

Oh, look! Dark! (I swear I'm not doing this on purpose, I just picked stories from the newest arrivals and these came up okay).

An origin story, one focusing on (another favorite of mine) Trixie Lulamoon herself. A story that, well, might also irk some. To be perfectly honest, though... I really liked this one. Like, a lot. It's clear who this 'Patty Pony' is, but the way it's written is strangely alluring to me, the way the story is told is almost dreamlike, if that makes any sense. As if it were being told in a sort of fable? I don't quite know how to explain it, and while that may be due to my limited knowledge, I have to say that I truly enjoyed this one because of it. Once again, there is death, though in this case it's more heavily implied than overly stated. Still, there might be something I missed out on, so the warning is there nonetheless.

To ends things on a much more lighthearted note, here is a story about Book Smart that isn't dark! A simple, yet effective story involving Discord, Twilight and a die. Though given how it has over 1k views, I take it a bunch of you probably already read it. But who knows? Maybe someone out there missed it!

So, you know, take a chance and roll a die (I totally stole this from the comments, I know) in this very charming story. It's quick, and just a nice feel-good read. I did feel one of the conversations was mostly unnecessary, but honestly, it was just plain fun. A nice little concept that I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy. At 2k words, you really aren't losing much by giving it a read. My thoughts are short, but it's an easy recommendation.

And, yeah! These are my recommendations! I'll try to do these on a biweekly/monthly basis, not sure quite yet due to time constraints, but I'll try, darn it! I'm still debating doing it for longer stories, but we'll see what happens on that end when I have to cross that bridge.

Please, do let me know what you think, maybe how I can make these better? These are very quick thoughts to show why I enjoyed these stories, but if you feel they aren't quite enough, feel free to tell me! I've been meaning to do this for a long time now, but it's been something I've been very nervous about, so I welcome your thoughts!

Don't be too harsh pls k :derpytongue2:

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On a sidenote, I finished the draft of my next story. Look forward to that in like a billion years when I'm happy enough with it!

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