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Starfleet Characters (Rhymey) · 11:05pm August 4th

"My name is X-L-7-Zee
But if you like, just call me "Rhymey"
--Introducing himself

"This doesn't make me overjoyed,
In fact, I'm getting quite annoyed."

--Expressing disgust and annoyance.

--There's nothing wrong with the way I talk
And you've no right to scorn or mock

--Expressing his rights to a bully.

Rhymey, is a humanoid Space Alicorn Pony, and a main character in the series "My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic" As his name implies, he speaks totally in verse. He is a skilled swordsman, as well as a poet, song writer, and owns and manages his own cafe, Rhyme Time. As of Season 4, he becomes the husband of Fluttershy, and in Season 8, the father of their son Button Fly.


-Humanoid Space Alicorn


-Yellow Hills, Planet Unicornicopia (Formerly)
-House in New Ponyville, Planet United Equestria (formerly)
-Outside of New Ponyville, in Fluttershy's cottage near the New Everfree Forest, Planet United Equestria.

-Café Owner
-Assistant Animal Caretaker
-Teacher (Part time)
-Starfleet Fighter

-Moderate Sap Green

Mane/Armor Color:

-Pale light greyish gold

Magic Aura:
-Light Yellow

Magic Force:
-Power of Wind


-Mary, (Mother)
-Harry (Father)
-Larry, Gary, Barry, Perry, (Older Brothers)
-Terri, Sherri, Cherry, Carrie, Geri (Older sisters)
-Fluttershy (Wife)
-Button Fly (Son)

Cuite Mark:

ID Code:

Starfleet Rank:

-Colonel (Current)
-Lt. Colonel (Former)
-First Class Major (Former)
-Major (Former)
-Executive Captain (Former)
-Captain (Former)
-Senior Lieutenant (Former)
-Lieutenant (Former)


-Bob Stutt (English)

Singing Voice:
-Jeff Hyslop

-"Ward Sword": His standard weapon of choice.
-"Drill Quill": Flaps his wings unleashing a swarm of sharp, feathery quills
-"Blister Twister" (Unused): Summons powerful twisting winds.
-"Thrash Slash":Finisher): Charges up his sword to slash at his enemies to capture, heal, or destroy.
="Superstar Scimitar" (Season 4 only) His Mega Mode weapon of choice.
-Super Duper Thrash Slash: (Season 4 only) Much like his regular finisher, but many times more powerful.

-Rhymey was the very first pony created by Michael Mikulak, and is also his personal favorite.

-Rhymey received a ton of negative criticism by anti-fans of the show solely for the fact that he talks in rhyme.

-Creator Michael Mikulak deemed Rhymey's ID code as the starting point for all future codes of ponies he would make.


Rhymey was inspired by a character from the children's Television show "Today's Special." Where as a mouse form outer space, who also speaks in rhyme, comes to visit. It is this same character who provided the inspiration for the number codes for the Space Ponies.

Creator: Michael Mikulak, had a desire for a character that spoke completely in rhyme, instead of just Zecora whom was seldom used or seen in the original FIM story lines. Stating, "There's something about characters that that I find comforting, and soothing, plus it makes it challenging to write his dialogue out and makes the use of more grammar and synonyms, but the point he makes always gets across."

Rhymey was heavily criticized by unscrupulous fans of the former FIM story-line, believing his rhymes to be terrible, but this was proven to be due to ignorance and lack of understanding the subtleness of rhyming, and how it works.

Rhmey was believed to be a recoloring of Fluttershy, to which has been proven untrue, by Mikulak stating, "Fluttershy's coat is much lighter in color than his, and their manes are not the same color either. The only thing that matches about them is their eye color, but that's it" His reasons behind the coloring were as stated: "Since I was intending to ship him with Fluttershy, I wanted they look similar to one another in color. It's merely just a simple desire, even though future couples may not all be the same color."


Like most poets, Rhymey tends to have a gentle soul; preferring to be polite, easy going, and understanding, but he is not without his anger and outbursts, especially when it comes to battle, where he then seems slick, cunning, swift, and agile, especially in ways with the sword, which he is considered a master in the field of. Rhymey also tends to get irked when someone insults him for the way he speaks in rhyme, or makes fun of his friends and loved ones, but like most Starfleet Fighters, he is trained to not raise his fists in anger unless by defensive purposes. (Meaning he will not try and pick or start fights, though he will attempt to correct the ignorance of the one bullying him)


Rhymey is the youngest child in a large family (Having 9 elder siblings) Not much is known about Rhymey's backstory as he seemed to have lived a normal and natural life without much drama and darkness whereas most of his teammates have. He chose to join Starfleet, witnessing the capabilities of what evil could do, and wished to fight it and help people.

Rhymey is usually seen enjoying the days and the simple pleasures of life, or working at his cafe, but always remains on call for when danger arises.

In Season 1, episode 20, he is sent on a mission to The Planet Equestria to retrieve a missing Star Stone. It is there he meets his future wife, Fluttershy, and the two instantly begin to bond and fall in love, whereas while exploring the new planet, Rhymey is confused by Fluttershy's friends for Fluttershy in disguise (Believing Fluttershy was overly nervous of the upcoming ball and donning a disguise as means of psychotic breakdown) but despite the poor and hilarious treatment. He has long since forgiven the Equestrians and accepts them as friends and allies, especially with the destruction Equestria and Unicornicopia, and the created of United Equestria.

In Seasons 2 While continuing to enjoy life, and maintaining his position in Starfleet, he enjoys his new romantic relationship with Fluttershy, and becomes distressed when Fluttershy is diagnosed with Acute Appendicitis (Which he apparently suffered from years prior) and she is rushed to the hospital and nearly killed by a Brainwashed Penny (whom had a Changeling controlling her actions) causing him to angrily wail on the Changeling and thrash it mercilessly.

In Season 3, he and Fluttershy share their first kiss, upon a humorous slip, causing them both to become exceedingly nervous to talk to or even see one another, until the end of the episode where they finally share an honorable embrace and commit to a more serious relationship.

they are married at the end of Season 4, and throughout the rest of the seasons, maintain a loving marriage, whereas he acts every bit of a good husband and wonderful provider and helper towards his wife, eventually fathering their infant son, Button Fly, whom is born in Season 8.


As an Alicorn, Rhymey has the most basic traits of magic. He is also exceedingly strong and speedy thanks to his excessive Starfleet Training.

In battle, he is a skilled martial artist, and expert swordsman, having shown to be able to fend off the toughest of opponents.

His main element is the Power of Wind, and many of his attacks are wind based, even his sword slashing the air, or powering up with the air around it to produce lightning shock-waves, and his finisher attack "Thrash Slash"

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