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Still not dead... · 8:19pm Jul 31st, 2020

Hello my darling little ponies. Did you miss me? I've certainly missed you!

Lady Rarity! Where have you been?! All 1 1/2 of you are asking. Well, Lady Rarity has been hard at work. Eeking out a pitiful living working night shifts and sleeping through the day. Personally, I rather adore it, but It does dampen things when it comes to getting things done during the day. I work looooooooooong 10 hour shifts. Doesn't leave me much time to get writing done and with a malfunctioning laptop, I'm even less interested. Not to say I haven't been writing. This and that. Minor blurbs and hinted ideas. I mentioned my latest novel ideas to my coworkers and they seemed enthralled by the concepts.

I would write more, but I can barely keep awake. I've been running myself on ragged on purpose, passing out with the last of my energy for natural sleep at the end of the week. Probably terribly unhealthy, but natural sleep is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo scarce!

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Wanderer D

I'm glad to see you still around :)

There's no shame in taking a break from writing EG. Life can be a real bitch sometimes and it always loves its opportunity to get its nasty claws around us and pull us away. Don't worry about having to meet deadlines and such and focus on keeping yourself safe and healthy, and we'll be here waiting for when you come back:twilightsmile:.

Welcome backies! =3

Why yes, dear lady, we did miss you! Of course work would be taking its toll, we can't blame you for taking a break. Just stay well and stay safe, and get good nights' sleep!

I love working night shifts. I don't get how people can be getting up so early to work when I'm going to bed.

Good to hear from you, dear Lady! I work at the night shifts, too and I understand about being tired and trying to manage sleeping and getting anything done during the day.

Most importantly, take care of yourself and stay healthy! You know we'll be here for you and your next story!:twilightsmile:

Yes indeed, my Feed was sorely lacking of your comments.

Good to hear you are still out and about, dear Rarity.

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