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I write things. Sometimes they have small pastel horses. I have a patreon and a discord.

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  • Today
    Coping with th@$#%@$% year by writing.

    It's not pony, sorry. But I have a new free-to-read story up on various sites.


    When humans accidentally start a forest fire near the elven village of Illiera, two unlikely saviors fight to stop the flames.

    Or: Like firefighters, but dragons! Firedragons, lol.

    On Furaffinity

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  • 1 week
    2020 mood

    Bodging together makeshift air filters because the stores are entirely sold out and the air quality in your city is "Lol, have some cancer!" because the entire state of Oregon is on fire is very much a 2020 mood.

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  • 2 weeks

    Well, I join all the Californians in having forest/brush fires fuck with me. We are safe, and will almost certainly not have to evacuate. But the air quality is so bad I worry for my friends living in older houses that won't keep the smoke out, and it's literally snowing ash so much I needed my windshield wipers when I had to make a brief trip out earlier.

    It's freaky.

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  • 6 weeks
    There's no such thing as a fish.

    I amuse myself while the world burns down around me by babbling on about random scientific facts that lurk about in my mind.

    It's that or run in circles screaming.

    There's No Such Thing As A Fish

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  • 7 weeks
    Blogging controversial shit while buzzed, will probably be gone tomorrow.

    I remember, a few years back, trying to talk to a certain brony author who had literally quit his day job in order to write his AMAZING novel, who then got nothing but rejection, and began going on rather heated rants about the liberal agenda in schools and the way that literature had been taken over by some kind of cabal of women, POC, and trans folks, and that as a white cis man he was being

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Pssst, anybody want to buy a pony? · 6:04pm July 26th

Opens trenchcoat, it is full of pony plushes.

So in my continuing attempts to be not-broke I am selling the above Celestia plush. (I am getting there! Though I still have a ways to go. Anyway.)

She is 18 inches from front to back hoof, and made from soft minky fabric, stuffed with polyfill stuffing and plastic beans. Very huggable! Asking $160. Shipping in the USA is $10, international shipping let me know your country and I'll give you a quote, but it's gonna be expensive.

Edit: sold! Thank you!

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Comments ( 4 )

Really wish I had the money.:applecry::raritycry:

I would but I don't have money

Author Interviewer

ahh, if only ;_;

iisaw #4 · July 26th · · ·


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