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A New Destiny Revamp OCT 30th · 6:08am July 22nd

That is correct guys, A New Destiny will continue like I originally when I first posted it. It's going to be awhile until then and I can't promise that it'll be out on that exact date, might be sooner or a little later.... Who knows really, it takes a lot of time for me to write since I have school, work, moving to my own apartment, and my other projects that have also been placed on hold.

EA New Destiny
Ever since I opened that email I was turned into a Pokemon and was forced to take responsibility for the sake of the others that came after me. But unlike them I'm immortal, and it's been nothing but a curse. I had only one option left...leave.
Pen Dragon · 18k words  ·  152  18 · 4.2k views

I do promise however, to finish A New Destiny when the time comes, the ending, the way it's written, and the story itself will be a bit different. Everything you've read will be in the story still, but there will be more than you've expected, more action, cleaner writing, and massive improvements to the story.

So the question is what will everyone do while they wait, well I have several stories already out that you can read to pass the time, but my main project right now is Book II: Dawn of the Princesses

TGems II: Dawn of The Princesses
Barely escaping the hooves of the Order, Watcher and Celestia take refuge in Everfree City in hopes of starting over while also searching for the other three lost princesses.
Pen Dragon · 48k words  ·  33  4 · 857 views
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Comments ( 3 )

It might come out soon if you are really interested :)

This is great news to hear!:pinkiehappy: I'm so glad that this oldie is continuing. Just one thing though, please don't rush because you feel pressured.:pinkiesad2: I don't want you to be stressed because of us. While I am so elated by this, I'll wait however long I have to, to get a good quality story.:moustache:

Have a good night and day!:heart:

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