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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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    One new Nightmare Night chapter draft complete

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    Midnight Rising done; next up is Nightmare Night

    But before I address that, I want to touch on my previous blog posts regarding my attempted defiance of a workplace vaccine mandate. They generated a ton of comments which, at least for the most part, were fairly civil despite vehement disagreement. For that, I thank all concerned. It's a rare thing nowadays.

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TLaTU review · 1:37pm Jul 18th, 2020

By Darksymphony777 on his YouTube channel. He reviews fanfictions and previously reviewed Turnabout Storm. Presented without comment except to say give it a listen and if you like, give him a thumbs-up or subscribe. YouTube's a hard world to gain traction in, after all, and I appreciate the time and attention reading a story like this takes, doubly so when you're doing it for review.

As for TLaTU, I still need to get back and resume editing it, but more immediate writing projects keep taking precedence--chiefly Nightmare Night and Into the Storm. However, I do remain proud of this story, as despite the issues--several of which he points out--I succeeded in what I set out to do. It remains my most read and commented-on story short of Turnabout Storm itself, which wasn't mine to begin with, and I did a great deal with it. Perhaps more than I should have, but honestly? No regrets. I had a good time writing it, and that's ultimately what counts.

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Hello everyone, Darksymphony777 here wanting to let everyone know that the review is my opinion and my opinion only. You may agree or disagree on it just make sure you respect firesight's hard work and my opinion on said story, thank you.

Now back to devilartemis (Ugandan knuckles in a dark magician costume appears) NANI!!!?

knuckles:I am *click* elay, EBOLAAAAAAAAAAAA


Your effort in producing the review is appreciated even if it's not favorable. Thanks for taking the time to produce it!

It's ok I really wanted to like this story. But it was not meant to be.

Also I never got a chance to say my favorite part the story on the video, so I thought I would let everyone know here.

My favorite part is the sheer unintentional hilarity of having a sex scene play to "it has to be this way" from metal gear rising revengence. Considering I have played that game. The idea that a theme song played when fighting a overly buff American senator with nanomachines (SON!) Over a sex scene was just hilarious. Firesight, please note I will hold this over you for as long as I can. Just like people need to hold CHAZ over that mayor from Seattle

Sounds like a moment I'm holding over Clopficsinthecomments where he used "wounded pigeon" as a simile during a sex scene involving a pegasus. How can something be so terrible and so perfect at the same time?

Edit: Context is for the weak but somehow makes it even funnier.

Exactly. I busted out laughing when I saw the song right before the sex. Thinking "this has to be the most out of context song ever for sex" for context here is the song, since the link is broken in the story


And also context on who Armstrong is?

Senator Steven Armstrong is the main villain of metal gear rising and is known as one of the most popular metal gear characters, despite showing up plum fuck out of nowhere at the end of the game. He's basically a Uber patriotic who wants to become president to reshape America into a dawinist utopia, where everyone can fight and kill for what they believe in (he was also compared to trump because Armstrong did say make America great again, but that was coincidence since Reagan coined the phrase)

I meant the pigeon thing.

Oh....well egg on my face then

I just though to listen to that song. To be honest, I never listen to music in anyone's stories. I love it! It sounds like early 2000's nu-metal but it's actually done right and doesn't make me cringe.

i love it. fits the characters for armstrong and raiden well

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