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  • Today

    Prepare your butts. New cover art incoming.

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  • Monday
    👀 new discord server coming soon

    When this thing goes live, I'ma post up the invite link. Instead of the scrappy lil' personal server I have at the moment, this thing's gonna be a beefy place with genre-specific writing channels, a dedicated gaming category, choose-your-favorite-color roles, and more!

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  • Sunday
    Man, do I like this music. :V

    I can clearly hear one of the songs I had to play on the piano years ago in it, but at the same time... wow, is this good vibe music.

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  • Saturday
    Won a bid for an Nvidia GTX 645 GPU.

    Gonna use this thing to do more 3D rendering stuffs. I'ma install this in my thrift-store workstation so that I don't have to worry about crashing my main system whenever I want to render a heavy scene. At least that way I can still work on homework and essays while things are happening in the background. :facehoof:

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OWO WHAT DIS? A TEASER? · 7:25am July 14th

A shovel hit the ground, pushing up a small mound of dirt.

"Hurry up, we don't got all day, y'know!"

A grunt. The shovel pierced deeper into the ground. A heave. A hole. Another jab at the soft topsoil. Another heave. A deeper hole.

The figure overseeing the work nodded in approval. This would make for a fine distraction.

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