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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Rarity and Spike

    Just an older snippet I will probably repurpose for Short Hand eventually.

    - - -

    Spike is helping Rarity with her work. Ever since Twilight ascended and Shepherd's helped coach him through controlling his greed, he's become taller and bigger. And in many eyes, far more handsome.

    Spike: "Here, this is the needle you want."

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    8 comments · 309 views
  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Missed Opportunity

    Shepherd is fixing some plumbing in Rarity's shop while Twilight and Rarity work on a dress, with Spike hoping accessories up.

    Rarity: "Darling, something just occurred to me. You were in Canterlot when dear Shepherd was discovered, were you not?"

    Twilight: "Oh, I was!"

    Rarity: "Then how did you and Spike never meet him?"

    Twilight: "Ah... Well..."


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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Trusting Chaos

    One night, while Shepherd is reading at home... He hears some bells ringing, and then his walls turn purple. He sighs, and closes his eyes tightly.

    Discord: "Guess who?"

    Shepherd: "Not in the mood."

    Discord: "Aw, why must you be so hurtful, Shepherd? After all, I am reformed! Fluttershy said so herself!"

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  • Saturday
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 8

    Shining Armor slowly came to, and took quick notes on his situation: His horn had a magic resistant ring around it, he was tied up, and he was sitting in a chair. No doubt he was about to be interrogated and tortured by the Evil Dark Emperor Shepherd.

    Shepherd: "Oh hey, he's coming around!"

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 7

    At Canterlot Palace, Shepherd is pacing back and forth and trying not to trip over his own cape.

    Blueblood: "The entire Crystal Empire fleet is heading this way, Your Dreadfulness."

    Shepherd: *groans* "Oh good! More pressure! I don't suppose we could just tell Shining this is all a wacky sitcom plot?"

    Raven: "Alas my Dark Lord, he is unlikely to believe you."

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    12 comments · 303 views

Happy Independence Day · 4:25pm July 4th

Now I will say this: Yes, these are hard times. But hard times have always existed. Yes, our country has failed to live up to its ideals at times... Which is why we need to work all the harder for them to be reality.

But today? We celebrate freedom. We celebrate the city on the hill. We celebrate the courage to tell a bunch of greedy overbearing government officials to shove it.

We embrace the good that we seek to be.

And we learn from the bad to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Celebrate America.

And let yourself not be troubled. For these celebrations remind us why we fight and live.

Happy Fourth of July.

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Comments ( 2 )

Agreed, I will NEVER apologize for loving this country. Flaws and all.

And if anyone doesn't want to live here, who think this is a horrible place...

...you're free to leave.

Happy Fourth Of July to all Americans and anyone else celebrating Independence Day. To anyone not, well, Happy 4th of July. I hope you remain alive.

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