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oh no · 11:38pm May 30th

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Comments ( 16 )

Why does she look like Catwoman?

Wtf is this? Dear gods my eyes are bleeding!

Jesus fuck that looks like a parody poster they'd make for a fucking South Park skit redrawn in a realistic way

Probably important to clarify that this is the design of Wild Cat in the show, not Stargirl herself.

That said, this still looks incredibly bad.

Grahf #5 · May 30th · · ·

before reading any of the comments. WTF is that suppose to be?

Isn't wildcat suppose to be a MALE ex boxer who taught Canary how to fight

Same here, What the Hell DC Smoking?:rainbowderp:

Is this supposed to be Catwoman?

I think there's been a female Wildcat before, but that's definitely the version I'm familiar with. I just did a google search for this one.

Grahf #9 · May 31st · · ·

yep your right turn out Yolanda (if this is her) became the second wildcat and is the originals god-daughter so if that is her story I have no problem.

After seeing the mask in the comics I forgot that I hate how it looks both in here and in the source material.

It looks a bit goofy in the comics, but legit scary IRL.

Grahf #11 · May 31st · · ·

I think it's the nose not being a cat nose but still having the cheeks

They're really gonna do my man Wildcat like that?

That being said, I don't think it's THAT bad. At least it hides her identity well.

Comment posted by caalv24 deleted May 31st

Oh, you mean the TV Network CW. Well Time to crack a cold one, because it's going be a cringe with fear time.😕🍺

WTF are they doing... just why? :facehoof:

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