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When faced with the evils of this world, happiness can give you the foundation to bear it, sadness gives you the wisdom to acknowledge it, and anger gives you the strength to oppose it!

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NOT DEAD..... just lazy. · 4:35pm Mar 28th, 2023

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I never watched Helluva Boss before, despite its fanbase online Maybe I should give it a shot?

you should. it's a good show. just mature is all

Love the update, Helluva Boss is great and the idea of an intervention for Sunset's personality is an interest premise for gathering this group for there reaction.

Also, writing is hard especially when you're off your groove. Don't force yourself, just keep brainstorming until you get that urge to write down those ideas.

Hope you PC doesn't break down again and good luck getting back in the groove.

What’s the status of the mane six watches death battle?

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