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Shadowmage Explicator · 10:43am May 25th, 2020

Story Shuffle was one of the more fun experiments I've done with ponyfic over the years: thirty-one oneshots, each based on a random Magic card. The Oversaturated World came from its portrayals of Sonata Dusk and the human Maud and Rainbow Dash. I really should do it again some time. But that's not why I'm bringing it up now

* Pronounced "Grogar"

No, that's because Illya Leonov has read one of the installments that... well, hasn't aged quite as well as Dash punching herself in the face. Sombra as a tragic figure feels a bit off after the ten tons of Black Forest ham we got in "The Beginning of the End," but for all we know, that entity was just something Drocsid* created or summoned as an object lesson on the importance of cooperation for his still-living minions.

In any case, see here for a fantastic presentation of a different take on the dark horse.

Comments ( 3 )

That’s a solid concept for an anthology. I bet that was fun to put together.

I kinda need to shake the dust off myself and just throw a story out the airlock to get back in the habit. I’m not sure if I’m feeling adventurous (or libated) enough to try something like that, but thanks to some hardcore lockdown cleaning, I now know where my old Magic cards are...

* Pronounced "Grogar"

I see what you did there, Dick America. :derpytongue2:

I highly recommend using Gatherer's Random Card function. (Just scroll to the bottom of the page.) You'll get cards you have, cards you forgot about, and cards you've never heard of!

re the reading:
Interesting! Thanks. :)

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