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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Parody fic ideas? · 7:01am May 16th, 2020

Do you have any parody fic ideas? As in stories intentionally badly written or mocking another story. I ask (as you very well know) since most of my stories are parody fics.

I'm not sure about parody fics of my own stories since I already done that before.

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Comments ( 5 )

You can do one of this one, but instead of the human being a pussy and running from everyone he actually fights back

Anon gives Celestia a Roomba.

Twilight discovers how to make a wish spell through the study of genies, chaos ensues.

Alternatively Twilight learns "Summon lesser demon," said demon only wants to chill out and read books. Much to Twilights delight and Shining Armors horror.

Other spells for twilight to learn: Dragon slave(Said dragon summoned via spell is an understandably upset dragon lord Scales), Expecto Patronus(Patronus is actually brutally honest and slap twilight with some hard truths), Summon Greater Demon(Ends up summoning Celestia), and Sands of Visiti (three minutes of no magic is all it takes for Equestria to fall to an invading army of Abbysains .)

Not sure if this idea is already a thing buuuutt...:trixieshiftright:

Anon discovers that zebra booty bongos can invoke magical nonsense and proceeds to use Zecora for questionable nonsense.:moustache:

Spoiler, he develops a nasty case of monkey paw and she's vengeful.:trollestia:

How about one of the mane 6 wants to grow super huge, because that's their fetish, and ropes poor Anon into this... but once she gets super huge (somewhere between 100-500ft) she realizes too late that now nothing can really satisfy her urges... especially poor tiny Anon.

But it ends with her reverting back to a more manageable height... that's still bigger than Anon (maybe leaving her Celestia-sized?) and decides that this is the better alternative? *shrugs*

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