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Poll Closed! · 5:21pm April 9th

I figure a week is enough time to let the poll be open, so it's time to close it and see what we've got!

Looks like you guys want a little bit of sunfish, eh? I can make that happen. In fact, I've been looking for an excuse to make that happen for a few years now, so I'm more than pleased with the outcome of the poll. For those of you who voted for something else, don't worry, I'll (probably) write everything on the poll (eventually) at some point when I have the time and inspiration to do so. And even for those of you who voted for seeing our lovely EqG protagonist turned into a giant sea dragon, don't expect it any time soon. As I made clear in the last blog, it's going to be like my 4th writing priority, which means there will be less time dedicated to writing it than there is for the other things I'm focusing on. But hopefully you'll see it sometime later this year!

After all, who can say no to this?

Until next time,

Ante Legionem nihil erat, et nihil erit post Legionem

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Comments ( 5 )

fish bacon adventure fun awaits! :)

Author Interviewer

I don't recall seeing this poll before, but that winner is definitely what I'd have voted. <.<

I missed this poll but I'd have gone with one of the top 2 picks so I'm satisfied.


I'll be holding out for that Mad Max Lightning Dust, but I look forward to all your future projects no matter the subject manner

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