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Random Ramblings CCCXCVIII · 7:09pm Mar 17th, 2020

As the subheading says, good-news-bad-news time. But first enjoy some of Ladybaby's final show. :fluttercry:

Now that that’s out of the way, please click the link to the rest of this spiel

I’m a pessimist by nature, so I’ll start with the bad news. I’m still stuck in my hometown caring for my dying father almost 24/7. The only respite I get is the rare times I get to go home (like today) or I can pop downtown to the coffee shop which has wifi (that’s when I updated those two stories).

It’s ultimate suck when someone you care about, who cares about you, is about to shuffle off this mortal coil and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Apparently most would not do what I’m doing — except in Red China where it’s legally required under penalty of China. It’s been a month (albeit February) since I relocated to the home I hadn’t lived in since 2005. Y’all probably don’t want the sordid details of my family situation, much as I’d love to give them because I just don’t care. Regardless, I’m typing this blog post ahead of time in my old bedroom and, with all the usurper furniture gone, it really feels like time has stopped. Several flairs that I added back in the 90s — like a dog to the fan’s pull-string or a clock and medicine shelf in the bathroom, never changed, so I’m almost living in a time warp. Except now everything is falling apart.

Truth be told, I’m near the end of my mental rope. My mother told me caregiving is the hardest job there is. And I’m not even getting paid for it.

On the plus side, after three years on digital paper and at least four in my head, I’m finally just about ready to unveil Blooming Friendship, a story I consider truly important and the culmination of a LOT of work. In fact, its eventual existence is the only reason I made Anon-A-Fix public. Since AAF is a shit story even with the plot-hole fixes I made, I wanted to keep AAF internal, but constantly referencing back to a story readers hadn’t seen is a bad move, so y’all had no choice but to endure it.

I’m not going to publish any of BF until I have the first three chapters completed because those together set up vital character development for Apple Bloom, while future chapters delve into both their backstories.

I rewrote the first chapter from the ground up, as I often do after sitting on a piece of writing for years (see Antonovka), and I’m satisfied at the progress I seem to have made since 2017 in terms of pacing and depicting nothing happening. Diary 399 will, depending on circumstances, either be a preview of the original crap version of BF:1, or a memorial. I honestly have no clue.

Also, I’ve almost finished the sixth instalment of EQUESTRIA GIRLS. I could have completed it tonight but the physical act of writing such insanity takes a lot out of me. It’s SO stupid. ZXInsnity is a fucking genius and I’m proud to do my part at trying to expand the universe he created.

Meanwhile, sorry, I have yet to begin my next Mayor Mare chapter. Obviously it’s going to be about CoVid19 (a.k.a Coronavirus) and Orangeglow (Trump’s) botched response to it. Trite? Too soon? Too easy a target? All true. But when life drops a story in your lap, you’d be remiss not to work with it.

I think I’ll use a disease that’s already canon to the MLP:G4 world. I’ll leave y’all to guess how insane the mess will get.

Dammit I have a lot on my plate, both for writing and IRL. Chances are I won’t complete all of it in a timely manner but, well, the two folks who continue to follow me wouldn’t expect anything less from me. Still, I’ll try my best.

Peace out!

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*Gives all the huggles.* Hang in there buddy!

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