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This story is a sequel to Sasha

What can I say? It's a rewrite of the Happy Holidays comic with details altered to fit the continuity of my early Recovery Arc and Burritoverse entries. The only reason I made this at all is because it's necessary to set up a later, more important, story. I hope you'll enjoy anyway. Obligatory Guide Link.

PS: This is set between the first two EQG movies (one of many things I "fixed").

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You get an upvote for being honest about it, at least.

I dislike this fic. It's just the comic in every detail but only some extra stuff added in and is boring and super dull.
Nothing is really orginal much at all.

I accept your extraordinarily well-reasoned and well-written critique.
Let's ignore that I made it clear from the outset that that was this story's POINT.

Honesty is always the best policy. I do my best to deliver on what I promise, for better and worse. I just hope my version flows better than the original.

This is set between the first two EQG movies

I have yet to read it, but first and last: Yes. Thank you. This is one of the things that would have made the original 50% better.

What the actual fuck. I'm not complaining, but damn I had to check the age rating again cause of Trixie.

This is a really unfortunate case of a story not being given a chance. By all accounts, it's a perfectly fine fic, certainly better than most Anon-a-miss SufferingSunset fics where Dash/Gilda etc. kick down the door to Sunset's apartment and vaporize her with a flamethrower or whatever, or those awful revengeporn ones where Twilight shows up and has everyone executed by firing squad.

But because it doesn't go down those ever-so-popular extreme routes, the revengeporn and SufferingSunset crowds aren't happy with it, despite the story being invariably good. It's not groundbreaking or insane or stupidly sad, but it's not supposed to be. All those downvotes are almost certainly from people who never even read the dang thing, which is a kinda backwards case where those people lost the trees for the forest. It is taking a break from the ludicrous drama Anon-a-miss fics are known for, so they dislike it not for what it is, but for what it isn't.

Really sucks to see this kind of thing happen. For what it's worth, you did a good job and I enjoyed it.

I really doubt it’s the revengeporn or Sunset abuse fans that are downvoting this. Every time a new “different” take comes out, usually talking about how different it is, as long as it’s legible, it stays at an 80%+ rating. I do wonder where all the downvoting came from, especially with the lack of comments.

I have my theories, but I'm not going to bring them into the comment thread, as I think that's bad form. I'll talk about it in my next blog post. I hope you'll read it.

Thank you so much for the compliment! :twilightsmile: Even though I was down on myself about this story's existence, I still tried my best.

Edit: Overall enjoyed this one, though had some gripes. Not a fan of the super retelly style and some of the details didn’t seem to fit too well. Apple Bloom and Rarity also felt a bit forced (both how Apple Bloom was on the phone and Rarity’s treatment of Sweetie Belle and Sunset). Flash felt a bit off as well. Otherwise, it was a fun story. Going to take me awhile to get used to all the names though.

Also, didn’t see the most recent comment when I posted this.

Finally read this one, here’s my speculation on the downvotes.

First, iirc, there was a non-con tag on this story before. I could be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure it was there. If it was, an Anon-A-Miss story with non-con will almost certainly get automatic downvotes (and this story had 3 in the first minute according to the blog post).

Second, it’s an Anon-A-Miss story that’s part of an established fic universe. Plenty of people can’t stand Anon-A-Miss at all and suddenly slapping it into a multi fic long universe is probably going to ruffle some feathers.

Third, it does the whole thing where it’s an almost exact retelling of the original content, with little extra stuff added, none of which affects the plot (at least in this fic). That particular style, especially with a lot of the fic describing the visuals in detail and directly ripping much of the dialogue (with little explanations and expansions), may attract some downvotes as well.

Combine those with a rough start on an Anon-A-Miss story that’s several fics into the series, and plenty of people would just skip it (especially with a 50% ratio which it was at one point), so it slowed down in upvotes.

Edit: Forgot to mention the Trump joke, that may have triggered a downvote or more.

If AJ had given it just a bit more thought, she would have realized the obvious. (Heck, it was obvious to me the first time I read an 'Anon-A-Miss' story)

AJ: The only ones who knew are my friends... and my family. Apple Bloom is so gonna get it.

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