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(late) Friday the 13th, NO bad luck, only an UPDATE! · 1:12am Mar 15th, 2020

Yes, it's a day of superstitions, and NO; it has no relevance to what I'm about to say, fuzzballs.

Let's begin with something SUPER IMPORTANT, and it's impacting the entire world, even here in America. At this point, we MUST take all the necessary steps to stay clean and double (no, TRIPLE DOWN) on all sanitation and disinfecting efforts, both personally and whenever you even step outside. Also, my deepest condolences for all who had died from the novel virus, as well as the rest who currently are going through it. While the pandemic doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon, I say we should all hold our heads high, raise awareness without causing panic, and enjoy life the very best that you can. Here's to hoping that the future is bright for all, in person or even online.

Now then, for what the hay is going on in my part, in layman's terms:
No. I'm not sick, by far. No symptoms. Zilch.
NEXT, I've just started my last class for the foreseeable future. One class, mind you. So I MIGHT be able to squeeze some time to draw here and there.
Moreover, Page 2 of the Pinkie comic IS coming. Need to muster up more courage, what with the pandemic. Speaking of arts, I also must get back to a couple of LONG-overdue commissions to help.
Big announcement of shamelessness: I JUST acquired my very own 2018 iPad Pro (the 11-inch model), and with it the 2nd gen Apple Pencil! With these things, I'm looking to further expand my creativity horizon and possibly convert to the iPad for arting. Looking forward to sharing this in the future!
LASTLY, here's hoping that we can ALL do what we can to take our minds off of what is going on out there! This community is a place for fun and escaping reality, even self-expression! Stay safe!

If you haven't already, please check out my newest clopfic... "Raft Bonding"! It's a really good read. I guarantee it! 😉
--> https://www.fimfiction.net/story/441857/1/raft-bonding/i-guess-were-stuck-together

And with that, that will do it until the upcoming Winter Wrap Up next week! Thank you all again for sticking around with your blue boi! Rupert out. :3

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