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Furry & Brony, newbie MLP fanfic writer, amateur clopfic writer, EDM addict, and a big blue fuzzy derp!

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    (no, I do not condone using drugs) HOWEVER, I DO condone this update, because why not.
    Just wanted to let y’all know that while yer waiting ever so kindly for that third and last Pinkie Pie comic page, I have a SURPRISE adult comic page in the works that I just came up with! Boy, it’ll be somethin’…!

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    GOOD NEWS, everypony!
    My latest adult clopfic (which, if you haven't known up til now that it's Starlight and Trixie centric), is NEARLY COMPLETED!!

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    What's up, everyfur and everypony?

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NEW ADULT FANFIC IN THE WORKS!! · 8:18am Jun 20th, 2019

What's up, everyfur and everypony?

While y'all are waiting for more commissions from me (and the belated page 2 of the Pinkie comic), I've been shifting gears constantly from wanting to art to focusing on another fanfic. Speaking of which, I've decided to make this one based on a CUTE episode I've reacted to some weeks ago. NOT SPOILING TOO HARD, so I'll leave y'all with this teaser picture I've concocted. It shall give you an idea of what to expect:

And from the title of this post, yes... it's going to be a REALLY SPECIAL clopfic. I promise y'all are gonna LOVE it!

Expect a release sometime in JULY, guys!

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Hello Rupert,

Not wanna rush things along since I want ya to take your time and post this whenever you're ready, but I was wondering if you had any updates on this new fanfics of yours? I wouldn't want it to be lost in the void like the previous one that was never posted (blog post from 2017-08-12), I truly enjoy your writing and your artwork.

Keep being awesome and have a wonderful day. :-)

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