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Derpy is very lucky to have the Doctor as a very best friend. And she has learned that very well, when one night, she walks into an exhausted brown stallion... sleep-talking. And the things he reveals have become lessons that she will never forget...

** This story is spoken from the eyes, or rather the "wall-eyes" of everypony's favorite blonde-maned pegasus. The cover art is brought to you by yours truly.**

P.S. - I could have chosen a better title for this one. Fail!

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*Warning: Will contain scenes of frightening nature, and is not for the faint of heart*

Heads, or Tails?
It's one of the most asked questions to ever exist. In fact, it has been what makes up the life of a traveling showmare. Her name is Trixie.
Two years since the events of "Magic Duel", she finds herself struggling to make the most out of her life. Then, one night... her world would never be the same again. Her own nightmares are starting to become a reality. She then soon discovers that the root of it all...

... is the other side of Trixie.

Chapters (2)