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FF15 thoughts · 8:51pm February 22nd

Copied from a conversation with a friend about Episode Ardyn.

I adore how he saves the game. "The city is in chaos, Ifrit is rampaging, the Glaive are mobilizing, and I just massacred dozens of people... time to take a load off. Ooo, Reader's Digest! Hmm, I don't know what this magazine is about, but why is it advertising a 'centerfold'? ... oh my."

If this was real, he'd be attacked while doing this. Imagine a bunch of Glaives warping in and Ardyn is chilling on a bench, "Can it at least wait until I finish this article?"
*Glaives raise their weapons*
"Ugh, so inconsiderate. Very well."
*kills them all and sits back down and picks the magazine back up*
"I've lost my place. Drat."
*throws it on the bench*
"What's even the point now? Ah well. Back to business, then."

I just imagined him doing this in the throne room. Ardyn chilling out reading magazines while he waits for Noctis to return.
"Would any of you like to read this one when I'm done?"
*corpses hang silently*
"No? Last chance."

I'm picturing him walking into a settlement and buying reading material. Imagine him waiting in line and paying at the counter like a polite customer.
"I would purchase a subscription, but the last time I tried they refused to deliver to my residence."

I'm now picturing him in the throne room chugging a can of cola and munching beef jerky after visiting a convenience store for a magazine.
"You know, I am suddenly torn between wanting to clean up after myself properly, and just leaving it in a pile by the door for when Noctis wakes up... mm, with you four hanging out here he won't notice it."

*Ardyn Warp Strikes down to the street and dumps his trash in a bin, then Warp Strikes back up to the throne room*
"It suddenly occurs to me there is no trash service to pick that up..."

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Ardyn is such a gem. His give no shits trollish attitude mixed with being genuinely threatening and effective was a ton of fun to watch, and the whole tragic element isn’t bad either. He’s easily my favorite Final Fantasy villain.

Agreed, he just has such a fun personality

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