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Hi my name is Sparknanator, I went on a writing break for what I think was a few good years at this point but now I am back and ready to write!

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  • 7 weeks
    Been a While

    Hey y'all, been a while. So I have a new chapter of Smarty pretty much done at this point, however here is the thing I have rewritten this chapter 4 times now and so far I am sitting at 2300 words on it.

    So here is the choice,

    I can publish it at 2300 words with a small cliff hanger. OR. I can post it when its sitting at around 5k words. Let me know in the comments

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    Post-Op Update!

    Hey everybody! So surgery went well and I am healing up pretty damn well, so as for Smarty what to expect and what not.

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    Progress Update!

    Hey peoples! So figured I would shoot you all a progress update on things. So far I have maybe 1,500 words down and I am hoping to get this new chapter up to at least 4 to 5k words before I feel comfortable posting it! But hopefully I an get this chapter out with in the next week or two.

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  • 188 weeks
    Hey, So I Am Actually Back This Time.

    Hey everybody! How are all of you doing? So I know seeing a blog from me must be insanity! But this time, I can firmly say I have 100% returned. Now I am writing on some of my existing stories. And I do have a couple of one shots in the works as well, but I can't confirm when they will all be up and ready. So I am sorry if it takes a while but the first story I am with out a doubt updating is A

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    BronyCon 2018?

    Wowzers I've been gone a while huh!

    So I am about to start writing on and updating a metric ton of my stories so look forward to that!

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Post-Op Update! · 11:13pm Feb 18th, 2020

Hey everybody! So surgery went well and I am healing up pretty damn well, so as for Smarty what to expect and what not.

Short version I wrote a bit more on the new chapter today and will slowly be working on it until I get it done and then boom it will be getting edited and out to you all! Now if y'all would like a small preview of the new chapter just let me know and I am more then willing to post a short preview of what to expect in the new one

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Comments ( 5 )

Just read this a while ago and i love it.

You're actually going to update it again?! Well I hope it's not too much for you to come back to it after all this time.

As I said before I will wait for that New chapter
Thanks for the update

Well the new chapter is going to be, I am aiming for 5K words and its a bit over halfway finished.


Well thank you! I am excited to beable to update it!

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