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"Dreamwalker Dash" will return next week (but you get a sneak peek on Chapter 5 today) · 10:45pm Feb 2nd, 2020

I guess you gotta admit your defeats when you can't avoid them. Unfortunately, I can't make good on my promise to still release a "Dreamwalker Dash" chapter this week..... The physical exhaustion in the middle of the week combined with pushing down hard to still deliver the next chapter of "Letters to Cozy Glow" this week, to have the new chapter of "A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World" ready for release today and to at least try finishing Chapter 5 of "Dreamwalker Dash", as well as working on one other project that I will talk about soon, have now worn me out to the point that I just can't see words anymore before I had a proper break for the rest of the evening. Reading actually hurts right now and I used my last energy to get the planned release for today ready.

So, even though I hate having to admit that, Chapter 5 of "Dreamwalker Dash" is postponed to next Wednesday and this week will effectively be skipped for it. But to at least give you a little compensation for this, I will include what I have of Chapter 5 so far as a sneak peek.
This is something I'm not really happy about doing, as the chapter contains something I really would have liked to keep a secret until the chapter goes up proper, but I think that you deserve at least something to make up for the longer wait. Especially considering that the fic has just returned from a very long hiatus.
So, for everyone who doesn't want to wait until next Wednesday, here is a sneak peek for Chapter 5:

It was not a minute later than one thirty pm, that the bell proclaimed the end of the last lesson in Twilight's friendship school for today. And neither did it take a minute for the doors of the classrooms to open almost simultaneously and for excited, chatting students to pour out. Out from a classroom at the end of the corridor, a group of students with Hyper Sonic trotting at the top was getting ready to leave for home or their dorm rooms.
Despite having left her desk as one of the last students, Hyper Sonic had it easy to make it to the top of the group and even now she was still trotting at a brisk pace, wings flared. At her side trotted a wine-red earth pony filly, noticeably smaller and younger than Hyper Sonic, yet she had no issues keeping up with the tempo. She looked up at Hyper Sonic with admiration, a bright smile on her lips.
The duo branched off from the other students, their tempo increasing. Hyper Sonic looked to her right and gave the younger filly a smirk. “I'm surprised you can still follow, Gooseberry.”
“Of course!” Gooseberry chirped in response. “How else would I stay at your side, big sis?” She giggled in delight and, coming a little closer, brushed her head against Hyper Sonic's chest.
Hyper Sonic responded by draping her right wing over Gooseberry's back and squeezing her.
“What you did today was amazing!” Gooseberry began to shower her older sister with praise.
“What?” Hyper Sonic asked her. “You meaning zoning out in class?”
“Um-hm. Zoning out in class like this, in front of a teacher, I wouldn't dare. Only you can do this, Hyper Sonic!” Gooseberry's eyes were glowing.
Hyper Sonic chuckled. She blushed a little. “But that wasn't so good,” she corrected her sister. “I seriously creeped Professor Dash out and that's the last thing I'd ever want. I lost control.” Concern crept onto her face.
“Aww, don't worry.” Gooseberry snuggled a little closer. “I'm sure you can make it up to her and she will forgive you!”
Hyper Sonic gave her a warm look and a smile. She tightened her squeeze, making Gooseberry giggle again.
As if she just made a prediction, a door opened not far away from them and Rainbow Dash stepped outside. Her face looked wrecked and she rubbed her head with one hoof. “Geez..... Why does Twilight always have to ask all the questions?” she muttered.
Hyper Sonic's eyes locked on Rainbow Dash and she slowed down her trot. Gooseberry noticed how the eyes of her big sister grew. She puckered her lips, then followed her intense stare to find out what Hyper Sonic was looking at. As her own eyes fell on Rainbow Dash, Gooseberry's face became clear with realization. She giggled, radiating her happiness over the sight. “There she is!” she chirped. “Hyper, you should go and talk to her right now!”


Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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