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Nonfiction~ · 12:52am January 23rd

Nonfiction~ has been released. The Nonplatonic?, Nonstraight!, Nonfiction~ trilogy has closed.

As many readers have no doubt realized, the Non* series is based on my real-life friendship with Nonchalant, a dear friend for whom I am ever grateful. Details have changed, but the overall arc of the friendship is accurate from the lens of a hopeless romantic, filtered by Twilight’s own wishful thining and romantic naïveté. The intent is to preserve emotions - dramatized - within a much more colourful pastel backdrop. It is not a self-insert in the traditional sense -- I am not literally Twilight, nor is Nonnie literally Sunset; both characters say and do certain things across the series that do not line up with the experiences that inspired them. (Please refrain from making character judgements based on the contents of a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction that -- you have been warned -- may or may not correspond directly to reality. And if you dare say anything bad about waifu...) Nevertheless, the arc of emotion, I hope is clear.

Pegasister meets brony. It’s love at fifteenth sight, for one of them. Love is love. Weeeeeee. Spoiler alert: you should read Nonfiction

The original one-shot, Nonplatonic, is tagged here because it is ambiguous. Did Sunset like Twilight back? Would these feelings develop? Intensify? Disappear?

Ambiguous because I wasn’t sure myself what would happen with Nonnie and I.

I do now; the ending is published. Maybe the ending is anticlimatic or just trope subversive; you tell me. What I can tell you is that it is real.

And Nonnie – if you’re reading this – I need you to know.


You know.

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