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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, professional voice actor, brony, autistic celebrity, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.

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FiMFiction account anniversary · 12:08am Jan 7th, 2020

As Jesus once said to his disciples, what is up, my followers? Actually, I don’t think he ever said that but he would have probably said something like that if they were to have a friendly get together or something like that. Anyway, there are two decisions in my life that have improved it substantially. Number one is, and I severely doubt God appreciates this one, using Source FilmMaker to act out certain fantasies of mine (and if any of you have read Psychic Simian Insanity, you know exactly what fantasies I’m on about) and number two is joining this site. Seriously, I would have never imagined making new friends after leaving school. Well, maybe acquainting myself with some celebs but that is wishful thinking on my part. And yet, when I decided to make a silly little fic about the Storm King redeeming himself after a series of unfortunate events, I've taken my first step into a larger world. A world where, no matter how bad things get, friendship really is magic. That said, there’s no way in hell I’m setting up a Facebook account. Last thing I want is Mark Zuckerberg selling information about me to the highest bidder. :rainbowlaugh:

I’m kidding about that (even though he did sell loads of people’s data to Cambridge Analytica). The only reason I don’t use Facebook is because, believe it or not, I am not a sociable person. I would set up a Twitter account but O.J Simpson, Donald Trump, and the Kardashians kinda ruined Twitter for me (and, again, I am not a sociable person). Anyway, before I came here, I had aspirations of being an animator (I still do BTW) and I thought doing A-Levels would get me closer to that job. Unfortunately, I was one A-Level short so that plan got kicked in the bollocks. On the bright side, there was this girl I fancied that had huge...tracts of land...that was in the same registration room and IT class as I was so my time doing A-Levels wasn’t a total waste. And yes, A-Levels were optional and the only reason I took them (apart from believing it would get me closer to my animation career) was over a coin flip. And yes, apart from a few interactions (which consisted of questions and the occasional snarky comment), I never bothered getting close to the girl and my crush on her was a secret that no one, not even her, knew. Also, during and even sometime after I left school, I worked on some projects. Some were cartoons, others were video games, all were not as popular as I hoped they would be. So the only thing that kept me going was my faith in God (which I admit is weird because I am not the most morally sound of individuals but I was glad He was there for me regardless) and the belief that, one way or another, I will eventually become a successful animator. Sure, that belief wavered from time to time but I knew that was just my anxiety and that it would pass. After all, if I weren’t destined for greatness, why would God bless me with the gift of creativity (even though that gift needed time to be honed and perfected)? Why would He let me live even though there were plenty of opportunities for me to be bumped off this mortal coil? And that isn’t hyperbole since I had epileptic fits when I was very, very young (so young I can’t even remember), I nearly drowned in a pool during a holiday to...I think it was Devon, maybe? I had a chest infection that once caused me to stop breathing properly. And that’s not even getting into the times where I thought about killing myself (which no one except one of my friends knows about).


Okay, that quickly became depressing. Let’s lighten up the mood a little bit, shall we? Since I had way more success with projects where someone else was helping me (even if it was as something as simple as giving me the determination to work on it) than I did with projects where I worked alone, we can all agree that friendship is magic. After all, we wouldn’t be into the show if we didn’t believe that to some extent, right? So anyway, here are personal shout-outs and thanks:

Thank you, DmitriTheWriter, for giving me the idea of Kronos and the Seven Seals of the Planets as well as editing some of my fics.

Thank you, Darkiplier1383, for giving me the idea of Old Mare Luna as well as helping me with the story-writing process.

Thank you, Grant (Doctor Parker), for being interested in an animated series that I am working on (which I will reveal in a future blog post so stay tuned).

Thank you, Disavowed ASH, for giving me the idea of Sukeban Biker Demon Killers Go! (which can be viewed on my DeviantArt page) and for helping out with the dialogue.

Thank you, dafodilfairy, for adminning my fanclub and for being my bestie long before I came onto this site.

Thank you, the7Saviors for taking the time of day to edit Divergent Destinies for me.

Thank you, CaptainPinkiePie, for giving the Captain Goodking saga a TvTropes page.

And thank you, God, for orchestrating events in a way that I never imagined would benefit me in the long run as well as helping me persevere in this thing called life.

Also, to celebrate the occasion, here's me in a very cool looking ensemble:

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Aww, thank you, you're too kind. :twilightsheepish:

Here's to another year of friendship and adventures in the mind!

Thank you, Grant (Doctor Parker), for being interested in an animated series that I am working on (which I will reveal in a future blog post so stay tuned).

An animated series? I'm interested.


Here's to another year of friendship and adventures in the mind!

And many more years to come. Hopefully.

And regarding the animated series, it's an adult comedy (though it's more like seasons 1-3 SpongeBob but with swearing, drug and sex references and just a little bit of violence) where every character is on the autism spectrum. Kinda hoping Doctor Parker would provide some voices for me and maybe look over the scripts to see if I'm writing accurate and varied portrayals of my and his condition. As I said, more details will be revealed in a future blog post.

But if you like, here's some more deets in a conversation he and I had:


Sounds like a good show. :twilightsmile:

I certainly hope so. Especially since I want people to be working on it with me rather than me doing all the work by myself.

I'd be willing to work on the writing team. I'm not on the spectrum, but I like to think I'm funny when I write. It's a start.

I suppose funniness is just as important as accuracy. Who knows? I might have you on the writing team for other series I have planned.

While the other series are in the same universe as the one with all the autistic characters, the characters in the other series are not on the spectrum. Now that that's out of the way, there is a fantasy comedy called Realm Defenders where a ragtag group of misfits consisting of a drunken wizard, two knight LARPers, an elf warrior princess, a unicorn princess, and a cyborg samurai band together to stop this evil overlord while having to deal with his underlings and other problems. Another series called The Day and Life of Norman that is essentially a darker take on shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons (and yes, it is a comedy). Another series called Blue Milk that can be best described as Black Lagoon but in space. Another fantasy comedy (with a bit of sci-fi in there) series called Keepers of the Milky Way (and beyond) that has these space wizards going on adventures and stopping bad guys. And another series called Dark Lads, which features these two dark wizards trying to climb the ranks of this evil organization they are a part of.

As you can see, that is a lot. Which is why I'm going to wait until I am done with the series with all the autistic characters before starting production on these series.

That sounds like a lot. :twilightoops:

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