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Amazing Fan Art! No, seriously, AMAZING! · 7:37pm Jan 3rd, 2020

Wait, 2020?! What the... I mean... wow, okay...

It feels like just last year I entered into the fanbase and started writing fiction for MLP, but its been so much longer. I know there's not much here, and not anywhere near the number of stories I originally wanted to do. Most of the work I produced never reached completion (darn you editing) or got posted, and every now and then I revisit some of my stories and think, just a few more hours and this might be ready! That's sadly never the case.

Today, I woke up to something truly amazing in my inbox, which I have linked below and thought I would share with everyone (spoilers in the blog title).


Created by Droll1

As a writer, it's rare to say I have no words for something, but honestly, I have no words that can properly expresses the elation I feel at the moment. I am absolutely astounded by these. Both in that someone would dedicate such time and effort into creating these and that in 2020 (eight years later) anyone either remembers or is still reading my work! This fan art makes me feel how I did back when I first discovered the show, that glimmer of great happiness in something you didn't expect to find.

Thank you again Droll1, and thank you to everyone who has come through and ever read my work. I hope you found some of it enjoyable.

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Even in 2021 i don't mind taking a trip down memory lane. Good stuff all around.

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