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Where we go from here... · 4:22am Feb 9th, 2015

Wow, I've really neglected my blog posts... Mostly it's because I put my (fun(?)) comments in my authors notes. I would like to get more in the habit of... updates? Sharing stuff? Not sure what to call it...

Ah, rambling, there we go. More rambling... The internet doesn't have enough of that. Oh! Also more cat videos. I haven't ever done one, so that would be like an increase of 8 billion %, right? My math might be a little off...

Anyhow (sorry, tangent)... I know a few people are wondering: What's next? Was Fragments of Memories the last MLP story for Starwin? Will there be more? Will we ever see Twilight Dash again?! Sequel?! SEQUEL?!!!!? Shiny coin!!!!

Sorry, back, it wasn't a shiny coin, just sunlight reflecting off of something sparkly in my room... where was I...

Ah, yes. As I alluded to in my ANs (at the end of the epilogue), this isn't the end of either my stories (after all, I do enjoy writing, and I want to keep writing) nor have we seen the last of Twilight Dash. There certainly is more to come and more to be told.

But first, I'm taking a break. I've been working on FoM for the past two years (sometimes hours on end, sometimes just a passing thought). I need a break. I want to get back to writing when I want to write, rather than pushing myself to make deadlines that only I care about.

I'm not sure how long before the next story will start up, but I have a long vacation (actual vacation from work) coming up next month. And I'm sure I'll spend some of that time working on whatever project is next.

Which brings us to the part of this post you probably care about, what story is next?

To be honest, I'm not sure. It's really going to be the idea appeals to me the most. But currently, I have three contenders (that may change, but three for now) in the MLP universe. I also have two stories that are my own (non-fan) fiction and one in the Harry Potter world I sort of want to finish (but, probably wont).

As you most likely care far less about stories I never intend to make public (i.e. my own fiction) let me talk a bit about the three MLP stories.

First up is a story that made it into my Unpubs blogs (well, two of them are from that list, but this is the first one I want to talk about). For whatever reason the story "Sunrise" (working, non-final title) has stuck with me. I reworked a bunch of details about it, so its not exactly what is outlined in the unpub, but it's still has similar elements. I won't get into details here but if you're curious here is the post: Sunrise Warning: it does contain story spoilers (obviously).

Next on the list is a story I haven't mentioned yet (because I don't have a title for it (at least, not one I am happy with)), but it's one I keep thinking about every now and then. It follows the descendants of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the far(?) (500 years-ish? (not nailed down)) future. Where magic and pegasus have become legends and only small groups of ponies remain. Think, fallout + gurren lagann kind of world, but, well, without actual fall out or giant robots (at least for now). The story follows three characters who venture out of the last sanctuary, who are meant to represent the CMC in personality, if not form. (Its a weak maybe, sometimes I really like it and get excited about it, sometimes I hate it (also, another adventure story))

And lastly (the one you've been waiting for) The Untold Adventures Of Pinkieshy!

No, I'm joking. Resurrecting another concept from my unpubs list, I believe the next installment of Twilight Dash stories will be in a standalone, episodic form. Each 'chapter' would be its own self contained story (I'm not going to make a new oneshot story for each, that would be silly) with a possible two-three prater when needed.

I want to make those stories more slice-of-lifie than Fragments of Memories turned out to be, but no promises, the inner adventurer in me wants what it wants.

I'll leave you with on last thing I want to finish. That is the much suggested epilogue to Shadow of the Sun. Yes. I agree it needs it. No I don't like the any of the ones I've written for it. But I want to do something for it.

Thanks for reading! And I hope to see you again in the next story!


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Yeah I hear you on needing a break after you work on something for a very very long time, no matter how you enjoy it.
Just... don't keep us waiting far too long, you hear? :raritywink:

But seriously, don't force it. We'll all love the sequel to Fragments, and I bet we're all willing to wait for as long as necessary, so just make sure it's at least as awesome as the other stories.
No pressure :rainbowwild:

possible two-three prater


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