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"The Fires of Friendship" Review · 9:05pm Aug 7th, 2015

Finished ’The Fires of Friendship’ a few days ago, a Rarijack fic by Ponydora Prancypants.

It was a good read! I like how it presents a little history between AJ and Rarity before the beginning of the series, and how their budding friendship seemingly wasn’t meant to be. Filly Rarity trying to use complex words (albeit getting them wrong) and come off as posh was adorable; that was a nice personality quirk, to the writer’s credit.

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My pleasure. Your story provided a much needed antidote to Cupcakes and the praise for it on TVTropes was well warranted; well done!

Thanks for the fave on The Light in the Darkness and welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay here! :pinkiehappy:

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