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  • Monday
    Make Your Mark Gets Better.

    Like. Almost immediately. It makes me gigantically happy. They’re all. So. Adorable.

    Especially Izzy. Izzy is me.

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  • Sunday
    Does Make Your Mark Get Better?

    I don’t like it. I’m on the third episode, I’m finding it dull, and don’t like Hitch turning into Phylis or Opaline being so abusive.

    Also Earth Pony Magic doesn’t work that way. :raritydespair:

    I do want to write fics about the new ponies but I’m tempted to just make up my own stuff and ignore canon.

    I do that half the time for G4 anyway…

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  • 1 week
    Well that Went Well

    I was going to post a blog about my new story, but I needed a nap, and now that I've woken up, I see you all have already noticed. Great! Here's a link anyway.

    TNo, Agent Drops, I Expect You to Love Me
    When secret agent Sweetie Drops is captured by the Mare with the Emerald Hands and taken to her secret underwater base, she thinks she knows how things will go. Then Lyra makes it weird.
    Captain_Hairball · 1.9k words  ·  152  4 · 888 views

    Thank you all!

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  • 2 weeks
    In B4

    Just added Misty and Opaline tags to Tentacles in the Mist(y). Apparently I'm the first!

    Quite possibly not the last. I like the ship. They're going to be the G5 equivalent of Frazzle where I'm the only one who writes about them, aren't they?

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  • 4 weeks
    Neat Brain Hack

    I gave up and decided to focus on fanfic and Amazon smut and NOW I am working on my zombie series. Apparently this is how I move forward. But forbidding myself the things I must do. Am I really that easy to reverse-psychology? ANYway the first one is free today. You may like it if you like my more thriller-y things. There are some horny

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Skirting Site Rules · 11:25am Dec 5th, 2019

While I'm insomniacal and punchy plz enjoy this great painting of Fluttershy's tits. (Sauce)

She loves her tits so much. See how round and fluffy they are? Those are some really perky tits.

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If you're not careful, her boobies might get jealous:pinkiecrazy:

I never would have imagined!

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