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Cynically Pretentious Hedonistic Nihilist...and those are my nicer qualities!

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  • 4 weeks
    Brief Update: Weathering a Storm

    A hurricane is about to hit where I live, hopefully I'll be fine over the week, but if not apologies that I'll be leaving fics unfinished.

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  • 7 weeks
    A Gift From a Co-writer!

    My writing partner, NotaPonyPerson, has written a fic with my main OC, Beatrix Belladonna! If you like her and his main OC, Lady Ewe (Who's appeared in some of my recent OC fics) please check it out!


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  • 7 weeks
    Yet Another Unfortunate Update

    Not to worry anyone, but due to real life events (I'm borderline homeless despite working full time due to bills/late fees, a family member is in serious trouble and I'm trying to help, health is poor and I fear I might not recover) I may not be able to write soon. Hopefully a false alarm since I'd hate to leave any story finished, let alone several, but feel it's only fair to warn my readers.

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  • 13 weeks
    Another Small Update and Clarification

    On my recent blog about not writing anything from now aside from my OC (Aside from what I'm still updating/promised to deliver before), I may not have fully conveyed what I meant. Canon characters will still appear and even have POVs in subsequent fics, so really the main change will be the stories will revolve around my OC, although think of her more as a catalyst; she'll arrive in someone

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  • 14 weeks
    *bashes head on keyboard*

    Working on my fics I usually save my work out of paranoia after every line, but there are those moments when I get in a 'flow state' and write like madman. Just experienced that fleshing out my latest chapter.

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Recent Anniversary of my first fic! · 8:08pm Nov 9th, 2019

While I've had my ups-and-downs, I'd like to think I've generally improved over time. Bit scared to go back and cringe beyond belief at my earliest writing, but hey, can't forget your roots! Thank you to everyone who's helped me continued writing here!

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Comments ( 4 )

You really did do all of this in one year.
I'm impressed.

Thanks! I really should revise my stuff more, but I've been trying to follow the 'fail faster' idea, hoping I'll learn over time from my mistakes! Plus, got to strike while the passion's there!

Belated happy 1st anniversary to your 1st story!

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