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    That is correct guys, A New Destiny will continue like I originally when I first posted it. It's going to be awhile until then and I can't promise that it'll be out on that exact date, might be sooner or a little later.... Who knows really, it takes a lot of time for me to write since I have school, work, moving to my own apartment, and my other projects that have also been placed on hold.

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    Continue A New Destiny?

    That is the big question should I complete a new Destiny?

    EA New Destiny
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    Book II: Dawn of the Princesses Update!!!

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    Barely escaping the hooves of the Order, Watcher and Celestia take refuge in Everfree City in hopes of starting over while also searching for the other three lost princesses.
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    A New Story

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    Returning Once More!

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Halloween Preview! Enjoy~! XD · 6:12pm Oct 30th, 2019

Outside Umbra’s Mansion

Watcher and Techorse waited patiently outside the mansion’s doors for both Aura and Celestia to come out. It was frustrating for the charcoal unicorn as he continued to pace back and forth by the entrance. He wasn’t happy, especially since he had to wear a very bright yellow bee costume due to him losing a bet with Tech and Celestia.

“Techorse… I want you to know that I hate you… and everything you stand for,” Watcher muttered out loud for the earth pony to hear, but Tech simply rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I know… heard you the first thousand times,” he responded, adjusting his bow tie.

Techorse was dressed as a secret agent, complete with tuxedo, dress pants, a silver watch on his left leg, and a cool set of sunglasses, “Don’t get why you’re blaming me, you lost the bet! Aura was never going to wear something that obvious, Watcher.”

“That’s the last time I take a bet from you,” he grumbled, adjusting his antennas on his head, “and what are you supposed to be anyways? A waiter?”

“I’m a secret agent, of course,” Techorse answered, adjusting his sunglasses with his hoof, “notice my high-tech sunglasses and wristwatch complete with laser beam.” 

Knowing Tech, there probably were such devices in his accessories. Watcher wished he could have been something more interesting. It was degrading for him, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that Tech had was goading him into take that bet, perhaps conspiring with Aura so his guess would have been wrong no matter what.

Dropping it, he asked, “What’s taking those two so long!?”

“I’m not sure… want me to go check it out?” Tech asked.

“No, I’ll go… last thing I want is to wait out here in this… thing… whoever made this stupid costume is going to beg me to send them to Tartarus before I’m through with them!” he shouted, pushing through the doorway and making his way up halfway through the flight of stairs. “WHAT’S TAKING YOU TWO SO LONG!?!

However, before he could continue to make his way upstairs, he felt a hoof, grab hold of his shoulder, causing the stallion to yelp as he turned around quickly to find Grey Granite standing behind him with his usual expressionless face. “Master Watcher… I must advise you not to scream in the Mistress’s home while she’s away… Now I know it’s an exciting time to go dress up in you new costume that Umbra has gotten you, but please control your excitement.”

“Grey… You’ve got it wrong! This wasn’t my choice and Umbra didn’t get me this!” Watcher tried to explain, but Grey Granite didn’t respond as he made his way past him. “Great… I better head back out… Last thing I want is to run into Umbra dressed like this.”

Muttering to himself, Watcher decided to head back downstairs towards the kitchen while he waited for the two ladies to finish getting dressed for the party. Meanwhile, Celestia had a hard time deciding on a costume that could impress everypony, but she wasn’t sure whether or not she should dress up as zombie nurse or a witch. However, the lights in her room soon turned off and Celestia couldn’t make out anything two inches in front of her soft muzzle. The unicorn didn’t like being plunged into the dark so suddenly, turning around rapidly and looking for the switch.

“Did a fuse go out?” she said aloud, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

The temperature in the room seemed to drop around her, and a creaking noise came from the floorboards, ratcheting her anxiety upwards. She walked forward slowly, the rods in her eyes not yet adjusted to the dark, and she dared not use a spell.

“Is somepony… th… there?!”

A figure sprang out from the darkness, flashes of light illuminating it from a nearby strobe light that came to life without warning. The creature hissed loudly as it pounced upon Celestia, its red, black and white dress billowing behind it, a pair of leathery black bat wings helping it glide through its leap. The princess screamed as she was tackled to the floor, her blood curdling shrieks echoing in her room as her attacker slammed her onto her back and bore its face in the flickering light of the strobe, bright white fangs dripping with saliva primed to sink deep into her throat!

“NOOOOoooOOooo!” screamed the unicorn, shutting her eyes and holding her hooves out in front to protect herself.

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